Story Time at Duncanville Public Library With Old Chisholm Trail NSDAR

Story time at Duncanville
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Old Chisholm Trail NSDAR and Regent Sandra Conley hosted a special children’s story time at the Duncanville Public Library Oct. 15 as their national day of service project. The Saturday morning story time featured three books, starting with “There Was an Old Giant Who Swallowed A Clock,” by Becky Davies and illustrated by Elina Ellis. The singsong rhyme with repeat rhythms invited even the youngest children to participate by reciting what the giant swallowed. This type book is an early tool to literacy by repeated recitation of lines, and its bright and silly illustrations make the book even more enjoyable.

“Escape from Monticello,” a historic chapter book for older kids (fourth grade and up), was discussed next. Regent Conley, a former school teacher, reviewed the book by Steven K. Smith. He has written an eleven-book series, The Virginia Mysteries. Duncanville Youth Services Librarian Danene Hudson was intrigued by the book’s review, and plans to add the historic series to the library for pre-teen students to enjoy.

Story Time Legend

“How the Stars Fall into the Sky,” a Navajo legend retold by Jerrie Oughton and illustrated by Lisa Desimini, tells the story of first man and first woman. As they watch after the first people, trickster Coyote tries to confuse First Woman when she places stars in the sky.

Story time at Duncanville Publoic Library
Old Chisholm Trail photo

Regent Conley illustrated the tale on a white board while Honorary Regent Bobby Cutler Hill read the book to the children and parents in the audience.

The children were served cookies, candy, apple juice and water at the close of story time. Each child also received a book of their choice to take home. They also received a rubber bracelet that read, “I love to read.” Parents said they also had a lot of fun and asked when Old Chisholm Trail would return with more stories.

Books donated to Duncanville Public Library
Old Chisholm Trail books donated

This Literacy Project is supported by the local Old Chisholm Trail chapter and Daughters of the American Revolution. Each chapter designs their own literacy project and puts it into action. The chapter also sponsors a Free Library located in DeSoto, with contributions by chapter members and Half Price Books. Over 350 books have been distributed to children since March of last year. Old Chisholm Trail meets on the first Saturday of the month in the Grace Place Church of Christ fellowship building in Duncanville.

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