Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone In 2020

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Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Guide

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In our house we break the conventional stocking stuffer traditions by avoiding candy. Instead, we try to stuff them with things we need, mixed in with some fun items. So, you might find socks and toothbrushes alongside gift cards and video games. While this might sound boring, the kids always want to check their stockings before unwrapping the gifts under the tree. And thanks to COVID, this year we’ve added face masks and hand sanitizer to our stocking stuffer guide.

Everyone: OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Clip-On (0.6fl oz/20mL)

hand sanitizer clip on
Olika lavender hand sanitizer clip on Courtesy Photo

The OLIKA clip on hand sanitizers are great for clipping onto your child’s backpack, or belt, jacket, whatever. Bonus: they’re cute so kids won’t mind using them and they’re less likely to get lost. Plus, they’re easily refillable.

The OLIKA signature hydrating formula is also available as a new Clip-On option. The Clip-On is petite for on-the-go sanitization but packs a punch with 300+ mists per package.

Pricing: $14.99 per pack of three (3) 0.6fl oz/20mL units at

$4.99 per one (1) 0.6fl oz/20mL unit at select retailers

Kids/Adults: Rafi Nova Face Masks

boy wearing face mask
10 year old wearing a Rafi Nova everyday face mask

Yeah, we know, no one has a “face mask” on their Christmas list. But, whether we want them or not many of us “need” them for work or school and the face masks from Rafi Nova are some of our favorites. We love them because they’re both comfortable and stylish. They have holiday designs available for kids and adults. Check out their mask cases, contactless tool, lanyards and other accessories.

Rafi Nova beanies and masks
Courtesy photo Rafi Nova

For Mom, Dad, Your Favorite Teacher: Bombas Socks

Bombas socks
Bombas socks Courtesy photo

We are hard on our socks in this house. They have to survive not getting lost in the washing machine, often being worn by someone other than the original owner, and avoid being carried off by a dog as their new found “treasure”. Bombas socks are some of our favorite, because they are super comfortable and well made. But, we also love that for every pair of socks they sale, they donate a pair of socks.

For Teachers, Nurses, Guys, Kids…Anyone Gift A BrüMate

So, in fairness, BrüMate makes great gifts for anyone and everyone on your list. But, they also take up a lot of space in a stocking. I know, I’d be thrilled to find a pint or winesulator in my Christmas stocking. These are by far our favorite insulated drinkware. They are well made and unlike some of the others, don’t leave you with a strange aftertaste.

Cement turtle with cup
Brumate trio in rainbow titanium Photo by Kristin Barclay

My personal favorite is the Trio, because I can use it for cans or pour my drink into it and use the lid. The uncork’d are perfect for younger kids with butterfingers and the champagne flute is ready for Christmas morning mimosas.

For The Cooks: Tovolo Spatula

Seattle spatula
Photo Facebook Page Tovolo

With an aspiring baker in the house spatulas make great gifts. We love the Tovolo spatulas for the quality and fun designs. These Tovolo tour spatulas make great stocking stuffers for any cook on your gift list. They have Boston, California, Chicago, Las vegas, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Texas and Washington D.C. in the collection.

For The Dogs- BarkBox

dog with toy in mouth
Border collie enjoys her PayDay candy bar toy from BarkBox Photo by Kristin Barclay

BarkBox has plenty of toys, treats and chews to fill your favorite pups stocking. With three dogs, a BarkBox subscription is our best friend. We love providing feedback on what our dogs like, and if we ever have an issue the BarkBox team is quick to respond and make things right. The monthly themes are adorable and our “pack” likes the monthly surprises.

Also, as you’re doing your holiday shopping let’s keep our local small businesses in mind. Gift cards make great stocking stuffers, teachers gifts, etc. Reach out to your local restaurant, boutique, salon, etc. and purchase a gift card today. They appreciate your support and you’re helping the local economy.




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