Small Town Cultures & Tea Chest Hawaii Create Healthy Products

Small Town Cultures & Tea Chest Hawaii
Small Town Cultures

Keeping to my New Year’s resolution of healthy eating and drinking, I’ve tried several products recently that helped me stay on course. Small Town Cultures, a family-based company based in the Adirondacks, has focused on natural fermentation and probiotic microbes for the past ten years. Their small batch, vegan and keto-friendly fermentations are plant-based and sold only in glass jars.

Small Town Cultures

I’ve tried Small Town Cultures’ raw, fermented red onions that make healthy (and tasty) additions to sandwiches and in salads. Their Turmeric Kimchi is made from shredded cabbage, but doesn’t have the sour tang of sauerkraut.

Small Town Cultures & Tea Chest Hawaii Create healthy products
Small Town Cultures

I’m a big fan of sauerkraut, but not everyone is. This fermented mixture of cabbage, carrots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, salt and cayenne provides a more subtle flavor and a satisfying crunch. We tried it served with pinto beans, secure in the knowledge it helps reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

They also make fermented Sliced Jalapenos, which would go well with our favorite Tex-Mex dishes like tacos or enchiladas. Actually, at my house sliced jalapenos go with just about anything.

Whole Food Stores in Texas sell Small Town Cultures, and their products are also available wholesale at their website

Tea Chest Hawaii

I’m a big tea drinker, both hot and iced, and loved discovering these wellness teas from Hawaii. Tea Chest Hawaii was founded in 1995 by Byron and Satomi Goo. After distributing fine teas from other manufacturers, they combined their Hawaiian, Chinese, and Japanese heritage to craft their own teas.

I recently tried three Hawaiian natural teas–organic tea bags—starting with Mana. An organic black tea with notes of hibiscus, fruit and mint and a hint of sweetness, this tea is said to boost immunity and resilience.

Small Town Cultures & Tea Chest Hawaii
Tea Chest Hawaii

Another of their teas, Nanea, aids tranquility with plant-based nutrients helping with stress and anxiety. Nanea’s ingredients (all organic) of chamomile, cinnamon, lemongrass, ashwagandha, peppermint, moringo, and mamaki produce a soothing beverage.

Olena is the third tea tried, and also assists in boosting immunity while helping to avoid inflammation. Ingredients (all organic) include turmeric, ginger, green tea, lemongrass, black pepper, Meringa, and mamaki.

small town cultures & tea chest hawaii
Tea Chest Hawaii courtesy photo

The company also produces tropical iced tea and their award-winning Original Blend Nilgiri Iced Tea. Tea Chest Hawaii practices Malama Aina, or good stewardship. They carefully vet their growers to make sure they “leave a place better than we found it.”

To order your own carefully curated teas from Tea Chest Hawaii, visit them at Free shipping for orders of $80 or more.

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