Mission Arlington & Arlington PD Replace Stolen Bike

Arlington PD give bike
Photo credit: Arlington PD Facebook

Arlington Police Department & Community Rally to Save The Day

How about a little bit of good news? Last week, Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Arlington Police officers responded to a theft of a bicycle. The victim, a 61-year old man, reported that someone stole his bike that he uses as his only mode of transportation between his residence and place of employment. The victim, an employee of Walmart, where he’s worked the past six years was worried he’d lose his job without a means of transportation. Responding officers noticed he was visibly distraught and upset.

The original responding officer tried to see if the police department had an extra bicycle in the property room that they could transfer to the victim. Unfortunately, there weren’t have any unclaimed bikes. Then, employees offered to purchase a bicycle for the man, however, stores were completely sold out. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a big demand in bicycles that supply hasn’t caught up with.

The detective assigned to the case reviewed the officer’s body-worn camera of the incident and was emotionally touched by the case. The detective coordinated with Mission Arlington. With their assistance, the Arlington Police Department was able to get a brand new bicycle donated to the victim. One of their labor groups, Amigos En Azul, donated a light package, air pump, water bottle and lock for the bicycle.

They delivered the bike on Friday to the victim and he was pleasantly surprised by the act of compassion. He wanted this story to be shared. The original criminal case on his stolen bike remains under investigation.

Spread Joy, Not Germs

Here’s the Facebook post from Arlington Police Department-the comments are even more inspiring.

Some have suggested starting a GoFundMe for the victim in order to buy him a car. While others have asked and volunteered to fill his fridge with groceries. There’s still a lot of kindness in this world, and if you can find it-just look harder or create some!