293 Active COVID-19 Cases In Ellis County

Ellis County COVID-19 6-28-20

Ellis County COVID-19 Cases As Of 6/28/2020

Focus Daily News is reporting on COVID-19 cases in Ellis County based on the information found on the DSHS dashboard. Ellis County, TX Government Facebook page has not posted an official update since 6/26/2020.

We do not have access to data as broken down by age or city, or we would provide that data.

As of 3:40 pm on June 28, 2020 the DSHS COVID-19 dashboard shows 293 active COVID-19 cases in Ellis County. Fatalities remain at 19. However, it’s important to note while the active case count increased from 278 yesterday to 293 today, the total case count remains the same at 711. *That’s not our math, but the numbers provided by the state of Texas.*

Cases 06-23 Cases 06-24 Cases 06-25 Cases 06-26 Cases 06-27 Cases 06-28
539 684 684 684 711 711


The number of tests increased significantly from 9,526 to 10,168, a difference of 642 additional tests. Remember there’s a lag from the time a test is conducted to the time results are available. Results can take five days or longer.

Ellis County 6-28-20

Today, Governor Abbott and Vice President Pence encouraged Texans to wear a face covering or face mask when in public areas. They also note there’s a significant increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in ages 18-39.

Free COVID-19 Test In Ellis County June 30

Ellis County residents that need a COVID-19 test can schedule an appointment for a free COVID-19 mobile test on June 30 at the Waxahachie Civic Center.

Schedule your appointment by phone or online. Registration begins 24-hours before the testing date.
Call- (512) 883-2400
Online: https://txcovidtest.org/

Please note, you need one of the following symptoms to qualify for a test:

Fever and/or chills
Cough (Dry or Productive)
Body aches/muscle or joint pain o Shortness of Breath
Sore Throat
Nasal Congestion
Loss of Taste and/or Smell

Dallas County, reported a new record with 570 COVID-19 cases, Tarrant County reported 393.

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