MISD School Board Place 7 Candidate Taya Kyle Withdraws

MISD Place 7

Taya Kyle Withdraws From Midlothian ISD Board Election

Temperatures in North Texas are still hovering above 90, but the heat will last into the fall. That’s not a weather prediction, we’re referring to the heat from election season as those running for office add fuel to their campaigns. Signs are popping up in yards and in front of businesses as election season approaches.

However, one candidate running for a spot on the Midlothian ISD board has chosen to cool her heels and withdraw from the race. In a video that runs just over 10 minutes, Taya Kyle explains the impact COVID-19 has had on her business lead to her decision. She also says she needs to spend time with her kids.

Ms. Kyle also explains she spent time praying before making her decision. And while she feels like the majority of the board is headed in a positive direction, she’ll continue to pay attention and be involved. She continued that God will take care of things, as now is not the right time for her to be running for the board. At the same time she says there are things happening that hurt her heart, but she believes others will step up.

She encourages residents to show up to vote and show that “we are intolerant of excuses for racist actions. We have to show that bad behavior on the board is not tolerable. We have to show that we expect people on the board to work well with others.”

Incumbent Andrea Walton Runs Unopposed

Andrea Walton
Andrea Walton, Photo submitted by Andrea Walton

Meanwhile, incumbent Andrea Walton will now run unopposed. Walton has served on the MISD Board for the past three years and this will be her second term. Ms. Walton states her focus has been and will continue to be:

  • Passionate Advocate for Students, Teachers & Education.
  • Promoting a Positive Vision and a Positive Voice for Schools & Midlothian.
  • Focused on Safety, Social & Emotional Learning.
  • Enhancing Communication for Effectiveness & Understanding
  • Inclusion & Growth for Every Student

Over the past few months Ms. Walton has hosted three community sessions and spoken with over 100 families about their concerns. She’s received feedback on discipline at MISD campuses, communication, start of school, and COVID-19 safety protocols.

Walton commented, “I respect my opponents decision to place her family first and step back from the race for the school board. Nick and I are blessed to have grandparents supporting our family as we balance the time devoted to public service. Its time to stop talking “politics” we need to focus on kids, set our sights on supporting the classroom, get kids back in school, back to a normal routine.”