Midlothian Police Investigate Aggravated Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon


On Monday October 9, 2023 at 9:48 PM telecommunicators in the Northern Ellis Emergency Dispatch Center were contacted by the DeSoto Police Department and informed of a possible kidnapping that may have occurred in our City. Officers from the Midlothian Police Department responded to the alleged location of the incident, as well as a location in DeSoto to meet with their officers and the victims.

Our investigators have determined that earlier in the evening of October 9, 2023, three male subjects came to the victims’ home located in the 5000 Block of Vernon Point in Midlothian. One of the suspects was a known acquaintance of the victims. The suspects were armed and took the victims – a 72 year-old male and a 68 year-old female – by gunpoint to an Airbnb rental house in DeSoto. While at that location the suspects tied up the victims and attempted to gain access to their online bank accounts.

After being held for several hours, two of the three suspects left the location. The victims were able to loosen their restraints and subdue the remaining kidnapper after retrieving a knife from the home’s kitchen. The victims fled from the home and ran to a neighboring residence where they were able to call 911. The remaining suspect fled the location prior to DeSoto officers’ arrival. The victims sustained minor injuries during their escape. It appears that the suspect sustained significant injuries during the fight, including several defensive knife wounds to his hands and possibly a severe knife wound to his leg.

Arrest warrant Issued for NOAH SOLOMON GULZAR

The victims knew one of the suspects from a prior business venture. He has been identified as NOAH SOLOMON GULZAR (photo attached). The Midlothian Police Department has issued arrest warrants for Gulzar on two counts of Aggravated Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon (TX Penal Code 20.04.b – First Degree Felony – $250,000.00 bonds). Gulzar is 20 years old, middle eastern descent, and his last known addresses are in Red Oak and Ovilla, TX. More charges are pending on Gulzar as well as the other suspects involved in this crime.

This is an on-going investigation and two of the suspects have not been completely identified. However, since one of the suspects was an acquaintance of the victims, we believe they were specifically targeted, and at this time we do not believe this incident poses a significant danger to the community. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Midlothian Police Department Criminal Investigations Division by phone at 972.775.3333 or by email at pd.cid@Midlothian.tx.us.