Midlothian ISD Student Ambassador Tells School Board “recognizing student’s issues” important

Midlothian ISD 2020-2021

MIDLOTHIAN – A sophomore named James from Heritage High School was the featured student ambassador at this past week’s Midlothian ISD School Board meeting. Midlothian ISD Superintendent Jo Ann Fey introduced James, and the school board trustees ask him key questions relating to the student experience within the district.

While James told the school board, he was interested in Computer Science after graduation, he said he is favoring that while in high school as well, thanks to his teacher.

The school board asked James what he thought the ISD could do better.

The reply included a nod toward the many students now attending Heritage “lost a lot of friends when having to move schools.”

James said the schools have a different environment. Thus, it has been hard for the teachers to help the students at Heritage properly adjust to the change.

He was also asked “What can we as a school board do to help our students?”

That reply “I think kind of being able to recognize all the issues that students might have going on. Maybe they aren’t that open in talking about it. Like anything going on at home or like mental health or if they are stressed out about having a test coming up. Being able to recognize that and take the proper course of action for any difficulties they are facing.”

An interesting reflection for the school board of what it looks like on the student’s side.

Midlothian ISD October 17 Meeting Recap

Fey also told the board during her comments that the NEF Golf Tournament had over 100 golfers to raise money for the district. The ISD bands this past week received Division One ratings, the Panthers Football team is 7 -0 and the Jaguars 6 -1, the girls’ Volleyball team is two games away from securing a district title, and the Heritage girls Volleyball team is looking for a playoff spot too. Finally, the Cross Country Female team won the district title, again. This is the 5th consecutive year the team has won that title.

Also, on the topic of sports Matt McKay and Glenn Carlisle announced the names of candidates who will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Honor for 2022 in Midlothian.

The Hall of Honor Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Class of 2022 includes: Tori Benavidez (softball), Vince Frawley (track and field), Nikki Posey (softball), John Prigg (wrestling), the 2003 Girls Cross Country Team, the 2005 Girls Soccer Team, and Coach Glenn Hartson (educator/coach).

To date there have been 280 people inducted into the Hall of Fame. Carlisle said they try to induct a few teams and about four individuals each year. He also stressed the fact that if a person or team is not nominated, they cannot be chosen to be inducted.

“They need to be nominated” he urged adding they were also still inducting All State champions from the 60s and 70s.

Other meeting notes include: The Board approved the creation of the new Accountability and Compliance Director position by a vote of 5 to 1. The Board unanimously approved
the recommendation for the Bond Consultant – WRA. And, the Board heard the
recommendation for cell towers on MISD property and has asked for more information before approval.