May 2021 Best Southwest Election Results


DeSoto Unofficial Election Results

DeSoto’s Place 6 seat went to Crystal Chism in unofficial results with 1,953 or 62.86% of the vote alongside challengers Entaune Tyson with 1,016 or 32.70% of the vote and Versie Murchison with 138 votes or 4%.

Place 7 saw a close win for incumbent Letitia Hughes with 1,579 or 59.07% of the vote to past councilmember Kenzie Moore III’s 1,519 votes or 49.03%.

Hughes wrote on Facebook, “DeSoto I am humbled and may the work that I do for you speak for me.”

Duncanville City Council Election Results

Duncanville’s At Large seat will be filled again by incumbent Patrick Harvey with 1185 or 52.11% of the vote even with three challengers. Angela Jones came in with 577 votes or 25.37%, Shawn VonLauffer  with 166 votes or 7.30% and Richard Shaw with 346 votes or 15.22%.

In District 1 Joe Veracruz, incumbent received 389 votes or 52.57% to the opposition Matthew Jones’ 240 votes or 32.43% and De Gooden’s 111 votes or 15%

Jeremy Koontz in District 3 won that seat with 239 or 69.48% of the vote to challenger Kasundra “Dr. K” Brown with 30.52% or 105 votes.

District 5’s incumbent Johnnette Jameson lost her seat Saturday night after years of sitting on the city council. Jameson came in with 174 votes or 38.84% to unofficial winner Greg Contreras’ 259 votes or 57.81%. Additional challenger Melba Wright had 15 votes or 3.35% of the vote.

Hutchins Election Results

Hutchins voted to elect three city council members at large with incumbents Raymond Elmore at 109 votes and Demarcus S. Odom 84 votes keeping their seats alongside newcomer Dominic Didehbani with 106 votes. Incumbent Freddie Chism came up short with 70 votes as did challenger David Milton Coleman with 68 votes.

Mansfield City Council Election Results

Mansfield’s Place 3 seat will be the same face for another term with Mike Leyman, incumbent at  76.47% of the vote in Ellis County and 56.34% of the vote in Tarrant County. Leyman’s opponents came in with 17.65% in Ellis County and 10.89% of the vote in Tarrant County for Eddie Allen Chatman while George Fassett had 5.88% of the vote in Ellis County and 32.78% of the vote in Tarrant County.

In Place 4 that race had four running for that seat. Unofficial results came in with incumbent Casey Lewis with 12 votes in Ellis County and 4,171 in Tarrant County in unofficial results and challenger Vaughan Wynne-Jones  at one vote in Ellis County and 882 votes in Tarrant County, David Klein with 1 vote in Ellis County and 620 votes in Tarrant County and Houston Mitchell at three votes in Ellis County and 967 in Tarrant County.

Place 5 incumbent Julie Short came in with 8 votes in Ellis County and 4,254 votes in Tarrant County and challenger Christie Moore with 8 votes in Ellis County and 2,611 votes in Tarrant County.

11.18% – Eddie Allen Chatman
55.82% – Mike Leyman
33.00% – George Fassett

13.43% – Vaughan Wynne-Jones
9.38% – David Klein
14.61% – Houston Mitchell
62.58% – Casey Lewis

39.05% – Christie K. Moore
60.95% – Julie Short

Waxahachie City Council Election Results

The Waxahachie Place 4 City Council seat unofficial results were incumbent Mary Lou Shipley with 1,300 votes to challenger Billie Wallace with 1,608 votes and Paul Christenson with 1,347 in unofficial results.

Place 5’s Charles “Chuck” Beatty, incumbent came away with 1,684 or 41.34% of the vote Saturday night to Darrin Robinson at 888 votes or 21.80% and Travis Smith’s 1,502 votes or 36.87% of the vote.