Mansfield Sales and Use Tax Propositions Officially Pass

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MANSFIELD, Texas — Mansfield voters approved two propositions that expand the city’s ability to recruit development projects.

The community approved Sales and Use Tax propositions A and B during the May 6 special election. The results were officially canvassed on May 16. These propositions allow the Mansfield Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to use its collected Type “A” sales tax for Type “B” uses including a sports venue.

“Thank you to everyone that voted in the spring election,” Mayor Michael Evans said. “We are glad a majority of Mansfield residents took the time to learn about why we put these propositions before them and I look forward to seeing their trust in the MEDC and City Council pay off.”

Previously the city could only use its collected half-cent sales tax, which voters approved in 1997, on uses such as manufacturing, industrial, research and development, warehouse, distribution, and corporate headquarters.

The approved Proposition A now allows additional uses such as projects related to recreation or community facilities, professional and amateur sports and athletic facilities, tourism and entertainment facilities, convention facilities and public parks, and related store, restaurant, concession, parking, and transportation facilities.

“This is a game changer for Mansfield,” MEDC President David Godin said. “This gives us the tools to level the playing field with other cities in our region to bring the amenities the community wants to our town.”

The MEDC Board of Directors is a group of appointed residents that administers the budget generated by a half-cent sales tax to fund economic development projects. The MEDC directs and coordinates the broad-based expansion of the business and commercial tax base of the city and promotes job growth and quality development in Mansfield.

The approved Proposition B allows for projects related to a professional multi-sport venue and related infrastructure. The MEDC and city staff have begun studying potential uses after developers have shown interests in such a project in Mansfield.

“This change will allow Mansfield to be even more proactive in establishing its future success,” said Jason Moore, Economic Development Executive Director.