Lancaster Officers Recognized For Lifesaving Heroics

Lancaster Police Officer Tyrin McDuffie
Lancaster Police Officer Tyrin McDuffie. Photo courtesy Lancaster Police Department

Lancaster Police Officers Recently Honored

LANCASTER – The City of Lancaster can be proud of its police department. An example of their excellence was recently exemplified when two officers received life saving awards for their heroics.

“I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing group of officers,” Lancaster Police Chief Samuel Urbanksi said. “At one time I would say how amazed I was at the dedication of this department going above and beyond. However, they do it so often words cannot express how proud I am of these men. I am happy that we are able to highlight some of the officer’s accomplishments.”

Officer Tyrin McDuffie’s Life Saving Bar was presented at a Council Meeting back in November of last year. He received the award because in October 2020 Officer McDuffie was dispatched to a domestic disturbance with an unconscious victim. Upon arrival, Officer McDuffie located and assessed the victim and determined that she had a pulse but was not breathing. He called on the radio that the scene was secure for medics, and then began CPR on the victim. Due to Officer McDuffie effectively administering CPR, the victim began gasping for air and eventually regained consciousness.

The Lancaster Police Department recognized that due to Officer McDuffie’s quick actions and attention to duty he saved the victim’s life.

Police Officer Guzman
Lancaster Officer Nino De Guzman. Photo courtesy Lancaster Police Department.

Officer Nino De Guzman’s award was presented at a Council Meeting in January for his heroics. Guzman was presented a Certificate of Merit because also in October of last year he was the first person to arrive on the scene of a structure fire in the 800 block of S. Interstate 35E service road. Officer De Guzman observed a large fire at the rear of the house that included the wooden deck and was spreading to the nearby trees and toward the back of the house. He began banging on the back door of the residence and yelling to get the attention of anyone that may be inside of the residence. After getting no response from inside, the officer kicked in the back door and made entry. He located three sleeping occupants inside of the residence and helped them to safety before the fire entered the residence.

The Lancaster Police Department recognized Guzman’s actions, which also exemplify outstanding performance of duties under unusual, complicated, or hazardous conditions.

“I have never served with a finer shift of officers, ever,” said Sergeant James Grimes who is both officer’s shift leader. “They take initiative and action as needed in all types of situations. They make me proud.”