Lancaster ISD Has Had Nine Gigabytes of Data Hacked

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Days ago, on June 9th, Focus Daily News Reporter Rita Cook posted an article on the Lancaster ISD being hacked. It has since come to light that over nine (9) gigabytes of data were hacked including the private information of teachers has now gone public on the dark web. Some of the teachers had heard that there had been a hack, but they were not aware of the extent of the problem.

The hackers have published payroll information including names, social security numbers, dates of birth of teachers and payroll information. As she said in her original article (posted below), so much of the districts communication system has been shut down it is difficult to get more information. She is working on digging into the issue more, and will update further as more information comes to light.

Ransomware Attacks Are On The Rise

LANCASTER – Before the presidential election, before coronavirus, before vaccines, before where we can and can’t travel, before if we do or don’t have to wear a mask – before all that – there was ransomware.

It has been an ongoing issue in the United States for a number of years – it still is an ongoing issue.

Now that issue is hitting home in the Best Southwest city of Lancaster.