Is The Echelon Auto-Fold Treadmill Right For Me?

Echelon Stride
Echelon Stride, Echelon Fitness Publicity Photo

A Treadmill That Auto Folds

Apparently word is out that all of this time spent working from home and social distancing has led to my clothes shrinking. What’s that? I think I hear my scale screaming from the bathroom, that I can’t blame my clothing. The fact is, I’ve moved so little since March, my Apple Watch has declared me “possibly dead”. And, I’m not the only one in the house that’s become more sedentary the past several months.

When you avoid are avoiding people and crowds, that’s the end of trips to the park when the weather is beautiful. Normally, I’d drag myself to the gym a few times a month, but we broke up, totally because COVID came between us. Although if I’m honest with myself, I don’t think we were ever going to make it long-term.

So, here I am sitting behind my laptop and searching for the solution that will get the family more active. Friends suggested we get a treadmill, that way my son can continue with his running. My daughter could walk and run during her “virtual P.E. classes”, and even my hubby could get in his step goal. But, where will we put it. so that it doesn’t just become a “clothes tree” in the bedroom?

While “surfing the web”, which by the way this sounds like it would burn more calories than it does in reality, I came across the Echelon Stride. According to Echelon, among the Stride’s many distinguishing features is its auto-fold capability, which makes collapsing, moving and storing this treadmill a breeze. Maybe this is the answer to my storage problems. Instead of it taking up space when not in use, we can just use the auto-fold.

But, oddly enough, I’m also excited about the thousands of live and on-demand fitness classes. In normal times, pre-COVID, I wouldn’t care much about fitness classes. However, after roughly 8+ months of “distancing”, I like the idea of being able to workout independently or virtually with other members from the comfort of their home.

Echelon Stride features:

Echelon Stride Folded,
Echelon Stride Folded, Echelon Fitness

New Live and On-Demand Classes: Created exclusively for the Echelon Stride, Stride classes will include everything from walks, sprints, races, bootcamps and everything in between; there’s a Stride class and workout for everyone, regardless of fitness level or running experience. And, like all classes at Echelon, your workout will include all the music that you love – from Hip Hop to Rock, from Country to EDM.

Smart: Phone and tablet compatibility, charging port, 18.5″ touch screen monitor, Bluetooth connectivity and access to connected community through the Echelon United Membership.

Easy: Patented three-step auto-fold technology, built-in transport wheels and holders for phone, tablet and two water bottles

Compact: Only 10″ deep when folded

Community-Centric: Works in concert with the Echelon United Membership, providing unparalleled access to world-class trainers, community members, multi-modality classes and exclusive fitness content.

Informative: Eight pre-programmed workouts, scenic views, pulse readout, distance, incline, time, speed, and calorie burn

Safe: Stop features and generous step-off area on each side of the treadmill

Affordable: Retail price starts at $1299 and includes a 30-day return policy, one-year warranty and free 30-day trial of world-renown Echelon United Membership

I haven’t tried the Echelon Stride yet, and after cruising their website I can’t decide if the Stride or one of their bikes or rowers should be the next member of our family. What’s your favorite piece of fitness equipment?