Infiniti QX55 Seeks Customers Looking To Stand Out From The Crowd

Infiniti QX55
2022 Infiniti QX55 Photo by Kristin Barclay

2022 Infiniti QX55 First Drive: Sexy In Red

On a recent sunny afternoon just south of Dallas, TX, I stopped in a parking lot to explore the interior of the new Infiniti QX55. When I got out of the vehicle to stretch my legs, a woman shouted, “Can I take a photo?” Normally, I’d respond with a yes and offer to show them the interior, cargo area, infotainment system or just chat about whatever it is I’m driving. But, with social distancing, I’ve become both physically and socially distant.

So, from several feet away I responded with “Absolutely, this is Infiniti’s newest vehicle and they aren’t even at dealerships yet.” She snapped a few quick shots with her smartphone and said, “That’s a beautiful vehicle.”

With its coupe like roofline, curvy lines, bold double arched grille, mesmerizing “Digital piano key” taillights the QX55 in Dynamic Sunstone Red paint is quite the looker. Infiniti designers seem to understand their buyers aren’t looking for a “cookie cutter” vehicle. Instead, Infiniti’s target market prefers a vehicle that reflects their individuality.

Rear View of Infiniti QX55
Rear View of Infiniti QX55 Photo by Kristin Barclay

We only had a day to spend with the QX55, so I took it on a leisurely drive on some two lane roads southwest of Dallas, before returning home on the highway. Its powered by a 2.0 Liter VC Turbo for 268 horsepower and 280lb ft of torque with a CVT transmission. Plenty of power for entering the highway, and I enjoyed the quiet cabin thanks to the Active Noise Cancellation.

Driving long distances is made easier thanks to the “zero gravity” front seats. This technology is designed to reduce physical fatigue by minimizing pressure on the back and hips.

A New Era For Infiniti

While it shares a platform with the Infiniti QX50, engineers targeted a sportier driving experience. I enjoyed roaming the countryside, and I’m glad Infiniti has added a heads up display to their tech offerings. Our local roads are not the smoothest and we’re surrounded by construction, but the QX55 was pleasant to drive. It even handled the bumpy gravel spots and I was impressed with the turn radius.

022 QX55 AWD
2022 QX55 AWD Interior Photo by Infiniti

I’m not a fan of Infiniti’s dual-screen InTouch system with 8-inch upper and 7-inch lower touchscreens. The upper screen is used for navigation with a map always “on”. However, if there are two screens I’d prefer to be able to customize what I see on the upper and lower screen, having a “fixed screen” when I primarily use my iPhone for navigation seems unnecessary and outdated in my opinion. For those of you that prefer Apple CarPlay, the QX55 has wireless Apple CarPlay compatibility standard on all models. Android Auto is also available, but not wireless at this time.

The QX55 comes in three trim levels: Luxe, Essential and Sensory. Standard features include Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, 20-inch wheels and wireless Apple CarPlay.

Pricing for the crossover starts at $46,500, with the top of the line Sensory model starts at $57,050 MSRP.