Great Hearts Academies Announces Microschools Pilot

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Interested GH Microschool “Founders” to Sign Interest List & Apply Now

Great Hearts Academies, one of Texas’ most highly-ranked networks of public charter schools, will begin piloting Great Hearts Microschools for families enrolled in Great Hearts Online – Texas in the Fall of 2021. Built on the power and success of Great Hearts Online, Great Hearts Microschools will be co-created with families to build small, flexible learning communities that deliver a Great Hearts classical education in a revolutionary way.

Great Hearts Microschool “Founders” are education entrepreneurs and community builders, working closely with the Great Hearts Microschools team to recruit families, build and execute a microschool, and bring a Great Hearts classical education and culture to their community.

“Great Hearts Microschools provide an opportunity for communities to combine the flexibility and depth of our exceptional online academy with the best of small group in-person socializing, culture, and relationship,” said Kurtis Indorf, President of Great Hearts Nova, a new division overseeing the launch of Great Hearts Microschools.

“The potential of Great Hearts Microschools to leverage the strengths of community, bring families together in fellowship, and realize a truly premier, classical education model is significant.” Classical education takes a unifying approach to intellectual and moral formation by developing both the mind and the heart. Through the study of languages, the sciences, history, mathematics, literature, and fine arts, classical education helps students recover a sense of wonder in their search for knowledge, alongside a deeper purpose – namely, the pursuit of wisdom and development of virtue.

Data Showed Students Outperformed Their Peers

The success of Great Hearts Online was demonstrated during the most recent school year in Texas, where more than 500 students participated in the program and data showed these students outperformed their peers in English and math in all tested grades. Through multiple surveys during the semester, parents and teachers reported high satisfaction rates with the school’s approach to online learning, curriculum delivery, and leadership. Parents from all backgrounds were more satisfied with Great Hearts Online than the schools their children attended previously.

On the heels of this success and in furtherance of its mission to cultivate the hearts and minds of students in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, Great Hearts Microschools will be a private pay option that offers a blend of high-quality virtual learning and close-knit communities of students learning, growing, and playing together in person.

Microschools Intersection of Homeschool and Private School

Microschools are inspired by the notion that children can learn anywhere. They are smaller school communities than traditional schools, serving between ten and 100 students each. They are normally mixed-age learning communities and known for their flexibility and customized learning environments. Microschools are seen as an intersection of homeschooling and private schooling, prioritizing exceptional academics with flexibility, family time, and passions beyond school and home.

Great Hearts Microschools have begun accepting applications for the first cohort of Founders. These Founders will be co-creating a Great Hearts Microschool to bring a new classical education learning environment to their community.

“Great Hearts Microschools will allow families access to Great Hearts classical education and flexible, small group community,” said Andrew Shahan, an experienced Microschool operator who is now helping families bring this opportunity to their community as the Director of Microschools for Great Hearts. “Our Founders will receive access to training, resources, marketing, proprietary materials, and ongoing support from me and our Great Hearts Microschools team as members of the Great Hearts Microschool Network.”

Those interested in being a GH Microschool Founder and bringing this opportunity to their community can begin the process by applying.

Families interested in attending a Great Hearts Microschool can apply to Great Hearts Online – Texas and follow our Great Hearts Microschools Facebook page for more information.