A Great Burger in Dallas

Dugg Burger

Seeking The Perfect Burger in Dallas- Dugg Burger

If you are looking for a simple burger with a simple menu, but not a simple taste check out Dugg Burger in Dallas’ Lakewood area. These guys have created the perfect burger concept. The juicy style burger, complete with organic meat, is served inside a tasty bun. Even better, you get to choose your own fixings while the burger master digs out the bun and replaces it with your chosen ingredients.

Turning the world of burgers upside down, Dugg Burger opened earlier this year. It was founded by Jeff Braunstein, Martin Hennessy, Scott Spence and Jeremy Samson. These four burger-loving restaurant industry veterans collectively boast over 70 years of experience.

A revolutionary burger concept indeed, Dugg Burger combines simplicity with innovation. The name appropriately comes from the unique process of digging out the top portion of the bun so as to reverse the burger-building process.

“Dallas is a burger town. People aren’t even going to walk in the door if you don’t have a great burger,” says Braunstein. “Guests have been loving our burger because our dug out bun lets them taste more of the meat and toppings. This process also allows us to provide a high quality, customized burger — done quickly. We believe that was something missing here in Dallas.”

For toppings – well that is simple since you can choose from the “Dugg Dozen” toppings. Feeling adventurous? Take a chance on the day’s rotating Lucky 13 topping, a surprise every day.

What’s not surprising is the Dugg Burger philosophy, which emphasizes guest customization while keeping pace with a faster moving style of foodie.

Located in the hip area of Dallas in the Northeast corner of the Casa Linda Shopping Center. Dugg Burger is casual, but expect to be impressed.