Grand Prairie PD’s Blue Shoes Program A Success

Police Officers with children
Photo credit Grand Prairie Police Department


GRAND PRAIRIE – The Grand Prairie Police Department recently made children at a local elementary school incredibly happy, thanks to a program called Blue Shoes.

The Department’s Blue Shoes Program delivered brand new shoes and socks to students at Hobbs Williams Elementary in grades kindergarten through second grade last week.

As the shoes and socks were delivered by the Grand Prairie officers there were smiles all around. And, even a few tears of joy were shed from the onlooking teachers.

In all, the program successfully provided more than 300 students with the new items and just in time for the holidays.

“I was really excited when hearing about the Blue Shoes Program and the community involvement it brings to our city,” said Principal Mesias Trejo of Hobbs Williams Elementary who shared kind words regarding the Blue Shoes Program. “I too was holding back tears seeing the kids receive their shoes from officers. The partnership between Amazon, GPPD and GPISD to have an event like this for the kids was great.”

The Blue Shoes Program truly is a moment in time that the Grand Prairie Police Department officers can connect with the city’s youth, and quite literally, change lives, since there are students who only have hand me downs said a GPPD spokesperson.

Overall, the sole purpose of the program is to instill a sense of pride, confidence, and hope to each child by providing them a new pair of shoes and socks so they can focus on education.

“Some of these kids have never received a new pair of shoes,” said Chief Daniel Scesney. “They wear shoes passed down from older siblings, often more than one. This program enables these children to focus on school rather than holes in the soles of their shoes. It also gives our officers an opportunity to see true happiness in the face of our future.”