Good Neighbors At Hickory Manor Senior Apartments

hickory manor senior apartments
Hickory Manor residents are all smiles after a day of pampering and fellowship.

DeSoto Residents Surprise Seniors With Spa Day

DESOTO—Recently residents at Hickory Manor Senior Apartments were given a treat when family surprised them with a spa day.

Sh’Ron Ortiz organized a group of daughters and granddaughters, to bless around 17 residents with makeovers. The makeovers included not only makeup, hair and spa treatments, but also a spaghetti lunch and Bingo.

“One of the resident’s granddaughters wanted to give back to her grandmother and her friends,” explains Regional Coordinator Tammy Pearson. Hickory Manor Senior Apartments is an affiliate of Houston-based Portfolio Resident Services.

Residents were chosen as a part of the Portfolio Resident Services’ Good Neighbor Program. The program provides activities for the residents. Resident Services Coordinator, Dorothy Diggs, is also an integral part in the activities at Hickory Manor. She serves the residents that live there, keeping them active.

Residents got makeup, hair and spa treatments.

Ortiz wanted to give back to her grandmother and her friends because they were so appreciative of all the sacrifices, they had made helping with raising them,” Pearson says.

The good news too, the good Samaritans plan to return and do this event again. Pearson said, this particular makeover activity had never been done at Hickory Manor before, but they do hold weekly activities.

“They enjoyed doing it so much and loved seeing the ladies have such a great time,” Pearson adds.

A Spaghetti lunch was also served.

Program Expansion

Pearson hopes there might be other events like this at a variety of their properties.

“Our organization is employed at close to 300 tax accredited Senior and Multi-family properties across Texas,” Pearson concludes. “We work with community partners to help improve the life-styles of all the residents who live in those communities. Sh’Ron wanting to give back to the residents is unique and such a special event that we really wanted to highlight her generosity and compassion for the residents at Hickory Manor.”


Portfolio Resident Services is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization improving the lives of families, individuals and seniors who live at affordable – low to moderate income – apartment communities. The company designs, staffs, implements, and tracks programs that proactively assist residents in both the short and long term.

The Good Neighbor Program, a signature core curriculum model, was created and designed to incorporate Educational Services, Family Skills, Personal Development, Health & Nutrition, Recreational Activities, and Neighborhood & Civic Involvement and Advancement for residents across the Texas properties. The 50 (c) (3) also works with United Way, CenterPoint, Local Food Banks and Neighborhood Centers.