Garrett Shay Hamilton Pleads Guilty, Receives Life Sentence for Two Murders and 25 Years for Five Aggravated Robberies

Garrett shay hamilton

Duncanville, TX – On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Garrett Shay Hamilton pled guilty and received a life sentence for two murders and 25 years for his involvement in five aggravated robberies.

On November 02, 2022, Duncanville Police Department Officers were dispatched to an aggravated robbery at a Wells Fargo ATM in Duncanville. Officers responded to the scene, and during the investigation of the offense, it was determined that the suspect used the victim’s credit card at a nearby Walmart. Duncanville Detectives obtained a better image of the suspect from Walmart and further identified the suspect as Garrett Shay Hamilton.

The next day, Duncanville Detectives obtained an aggravated robbery warrant for Garrett Shay Hamilton. While looking for Garrett Shay Hamilton, it was discovered that prior to the Duncanville offense, he had committed 2 aggravated robberies and a murder in Cedar Hill that same day, and the week prior 2 additional aggravated robberies and another murder.

A few days later, Garrett Shay Hamilton was located and arrested on the Duncanville warrant and later charged with a total of 5 aggravated robberies and 2 murders.

The Duncanville Police Department works diligently with all law enforcement partners to bring perpetrators of violent crimes to justice! This sentencing results from the Duncanville Police Department’s commitment to seeking justice and bringing closure to victims’ families.

The Duncanville Police Department is grateful and thanks the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor Biggins & Investigator Sgt. Jacob, for putting together a strong case and their dedication to seeking justice for victims of violent crimes!