Fort Worth man sentenced to life without parole for murdering a man during robbery

Marquis Sypho

(Fort Worth, TX) – On Monday, a Tarrant County jury found Marquis Sypho, 26, guilty of the 2018 capital murder of Raymond Huerta, 26. He received an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Tarrant County Assistant Criminal District Attorneys Peter Gieseking and William Knight told the jury what happened that night.

On January 11 2018, Raymond Huerta went to the Save A Lot grocery store on James Avenue in Fort Worth where his wife, Jackie Huerta, worked. He stopped by to bring her dinner and to make sure she was safe, as he had countless other times.

But that night, Sypho and another man entered the store to rob the clerks at gunpoint and empty the safe. Raymond Huerta was shot multiple times, killing him.

“He shot him because he could,” Knight told the jury. “These were the actions of a cold-blooded killer.”

After Huerta fell down, Jackie ran toward Sypho to defend her husband. Sypho brutally beat her, then he went back to empty the safe.

Sypho, along with two women who cased the store and the other man who helped him rob the Save A Lot, were seen on other videos later that night. They were celebrating.

Raymond Huerta “did nothing to deserve this,” Peter Gieseking told the jury. “He was there to make sure his wife was safe.”

Gieseking implored the jury to “tell Tarrant County this is not OK.”

The jury’s verdict did just that.

CDA Investigator Darran Gabbert and Victim Advocate Carmaneta Anderson worked on the case as well. 213th District Judge Chris Wolfe presided over the trial.

Thanks to the Fort Worth Police Department for their work on this case and their commitment to keeping our community safe.