Ferris Police Asking For Camera Footage To Help Solve Burglaries

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Early February Vehicle Burglaries Under Investigation By Ferris Police

UPDATE 2/11/2021: FERRIS POLICE shared this video

Recently there were 5 burglary of vehicles that were reported to the Ferris Police Department. The dates of the offenses were February 4th and 5th. All were close in proximity to each other which leads us to believe it was the same person or group of people.

Three of the burglaries occurred on the 4th between the hours of 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and in the 400 and 700 blocks of S. Church and 200 block of S. Main. The other two occurred between 11:00 PM of the 4th and 8:00 AM of the 5th in the 300 block of E 9th and the 600 block of S. Main. A vague description of the vehicle used was given as an early to mid-2000, red, Chevrolet, 4-door sedan. Currently, no description of the suspects is available.

Anyone living in the areas mentioned that has a camera, please check footage to see if there is, at any point, a vehicle matching the description rolling through the neighborhood.

Please reach out contact the Ferris Police Department if you captured this vehicle, so we may obtain a copy of the video for identification purposes.

The common factor between the BMV’s (Burglary of Motor Vehicle) was majority of the vehicles broken into were unlocked. It is understandable that a closed vehicle is your property and according to Texas Penal Code 30.04 Burglary of Vehicles; A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, he breaks into or enters a vehicle or any part of a vehicle with intent to commit any felony or theft.

Please Lock Your Vehicles & Keep Valuables Secured

There is no disputing that no person should enter your property without your consent, let alone take property that has been paid for from your hard-earned money. This type of a crime is what we call a “crime of opportunity”. Too often we ask the owners of the vehicle if it was left unlocked, unfortunately, the vast majority respond with “yes”.

Please do not leave doors unlocked, windows rolled down or valuables where they can be seen. Too often in videos reviewed we see where the perpetrators walk up to the vehicle, pull on the door handle and if locked move to the next vehicle or if the door opens get in and rummage through the vehicle. This takes all of 15 to 30 seconds to execute and they are gone. Rarely are any prints or usable evidence left behind.

In early December, the Citizens of Ferris came through on a previous case involving the same type of crime and both subjects still sit in jail. One of the subjects was wanted on an aggravated assault with deadly weapon charge from Dallas. This arrest was made possible by tips made from concerned citizens of Ferris and the Police Department investigating the valuable tips provided.

City of Ferris has a working relationship with Ellis County Crime Stoppers where citizens can call the tip line at 972-937-PAYS (7297) and remain anonymous. Help us keep our community safe.