Ellis County Updates COVID-19 Reporting

Total Ellis County Cases July 21

THT Reports Ellis County Has 346 Active COVID-19 Cases

From the Ellis County Emergency Management, Ellis County reports on COVID-19 cases as they are distributed to the Local Health Authority from the Texas Health Trace (THT) platform. According to the case line list provided by THT for July 21st, there have been 2,017 total cases of COVID-19 in Ellis County.
There are 1,650 recoveries in Ellis County with a remainder of 346 active cases (340 confirmed and 6 probable). Ellis County has administered 18,425 tests according to the Texas Department of State Health Services Dashboard.
graph showing Ellis County COVID 19 active v recovered cases
The Ellis County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has worked diligently to uphold
transparency by removing duplicated cases, removing case counts that were outside the county’s jurisdiction, and adjusting cases to the appropriate city jurisdiction in the case line lists received from THT. Additionally, residents will see a change in the gender breakdown of the COVID-19 report, as OEM has made a correction to the recently released update.
Ellis County Judge Little says, “We appreciate your support, feedback, and understanding as we work together to create a safe and healthy community. We have updated the way we report our COVID-19 cases to ensure the information reported to Ellis County citizens is transparent, understandable, and accurate.”
Now, according the the DSHS dashboard there are a total of 2,090 COVID-19 cases in Ellis County. They report 1,639 of those cases are recovered, and 312 of those cases are active. The death count remains at 21.

DSHS Ellis County Math Breakdown:

2,090 TOTAL COVID-19 cases – 1639 recoveries= 451
451 – 21 fatalities = 430
430 – 312 active = 118
So, where are the 118?
Worldometers is reporting a total of 2,090 COVID-19 cases-with 430 active cases.
Representative John Wray shared this infographic on his Facebook page showing Ellis County with a total of 2,090 COVID-19 cases, and 312 active.
COVID-19 graphic Ellis County July 21
In Texas, DSHS says in the last 10 days the state has reported 1,000+ new COVID-19 fatalities.In the last 7 days, (7/15-7/21), Texas averaged:
🔹9,358 new cases per day
🔹10,604 current hospitalizations
🔹118 new fatalities reported per day


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