Dyfi Gin Is The World’s First Precision Distilled Gin

Dyfi gin bottle with martini glass

The Only Gin Made With Botanicals Foraged From Wales’ UNESCO Certified World Biosphere Reserve

WALES, UK (June 20, 2023) Dyfi Distillery, renowned for its premium Welsh craft gin, announces its official entry into the U.S., presenting discerning gin enthusiasts with the perfect summer sip. Founded by two brothers, Pete and Danny Cameron, Dyfi Gin (pronounced “dovey”) is made using 28 botanicals, the majority of which are hand-foraged in the valley surrounding the distillery in Wales. The highly-lauded spirit is precision-distilled to embody the harmonious marriage of nature and craftsmanship, resulting in a truly unique and exquisite gin experience.


“Our goal with Dyfi Gin has always been to capture the essence of the Welsh countryside in a bottle,” stated Danny Cameron, Co-Founder and Master Blender of Dyfi Distillery. “Every batch we produce is the result of careful and meticulous foraging, harvesting and blending. It brings me immense joy to share Dyfi Gin with the world, inviting everyone to experience the magic and unique character of Wales through our exceptional spirits.”


Dyfi Gin takes its inspiration from the breathtaking Dyfi Valley, a UNESCO certified World Biosphere Reserve. This distinction acknowledges the exceptional ecological value and cultural significance of the Dyfi Valley. As custodians of this unique environment, the Cameron brothers are dedicated to preserving and promoting the sustainable practices that make the region so special. By crafting Dyfi Gin, they not only pay homage to the natural wonders of the Dyfi Biosphere but also contribute to the global recognition and protection of this remarkable UNESCO site. Every bottle is a celebration of the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this enchanting landscape, encapsulating the spirit of the Dyfi Valley and the surrounding ecosystem.


“Foraging is at the heart of Dyfi Gin and our commitment to showcasing the natural bounty of the Welsh landscape,” commented Pete Cameron, Co-Founder and Master Distiller of Dyfi Distillery. “We are passionate about sustainably hand-foraging the finest botanicals that thrive in the Dyfi Valley. Each ingredient is carefully selected, ensuring that every bottle of Dyfi Gin captures the essence of the wild flavors and aromatic wonders found in our surroundings. It’s a privilege to honor the art of foraging and share the distinctness of our terroir with the world.”


The flavor profile of Dyfi Gin is a testament to the rich biodiversity of the area. Delicious aromas conjure intense images of grassy fields and summer meadows. A botanically-rich, naturally-flavored gin, it is a modern interpretation of the classic London Dry method, possessing a unique aroma unlike most other juniper spirits. With tonic, savory botanicals capture the gin, resulting in an incredibly vegetal G&T. The juniper remains on the green, clean and grassy end of its capacity, while the overall impression is of a vibrant, blossoming and impactful flavor.


Dyfi Gin is imported by Broadbent Selections, Richmond, VA, and available for purchase at select retailers for an SRP of $69.99. For more information, visit our U.S. website, follow Dyfi Gin on Instagram @dyfidistillery, or contact marketing@broadbent.com. 


About Dyfi Distillery

Dyfi Distillery is a family-owned and operated distillery nestled in the picturesque Dyfi Valley of Wales. With a deep reverence for the surrounding natural landscape, Dyfi Distillery crafts artisanal spirits that showcase the beauty and flavors of the region. Committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, Dyfi Distillery hand-harvests wild botanicals from the Welsh countryside, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship in every bottle. Dyfi Gin, their flagship product, is a testament to their passion for creating distinctive and exceptional spirits. For more information, please visit dyfidistillery.com or follow Dyfi Gin on Instagram at @dyfidistillery.