Duncanville Police Warn Citizens to Either Slow Down or Pay Up

Duncanville Police Department motorcycle
Photo courtesy Duncanville Police Department

Duncanville, TX – In anticipation of the busy summer travel season, Duncanville Police Department is joining law enforcement agencies across Texas to step up enforcement of speed limits and urge speeding motorists to slow down.

From June 8 through June 21, high-visibility enforcement of the state’s speed limits will be a key component of Operation Slowdown and part of the Texas Department of Transportation’s summer “Be Safe. Drive Smart.” campaign.

The Duncanville Police Department posted on Facebook warning the community, and many responded with specific locations they referred to as “racetracks” and asking the Police to increase their presence in those areas.

Along with writing citations, law enforcement will ramp up their patrol of Duncanville areas where the most traffic crashes and fatalities occur and demonstrate to motorists what a safe speed looks like.

Even though it’s dangerous, speeding has become an all-too-common practice for many drivers. In 2021, there were more than 163,000 speeding-related crashes in the Lone Star State—up 16% from the previous year—and 1,532 people died as a result.

Speed is A Factor In Traffic Fatalities In 1 of 3 Accidents

“Speed is a factor in one out of every three traffic deaths in Texas,” said Mark LiVigni, Chief of Police.

“Speeding is a problem not only statewide but also right here in our own community. We continue to see too many people exceed posted speed limits—and sometimes ignore them outright. That puts everyone on the road in jeopardy. To help keep everyone safe, our officers will be reminding motorists to ‘slow down or pay up’ as we participate in Operation Slowdown.”

Driving a safe speed often means more than following the posted speed limit. These safety tips for motorists can help everyone reach their destination safely:

  • Match your speed to road conditions if there’s bad weather or you’re driving through a work zone.
  • When traffic is heavy, slow down and allow for more distance to stop.
  • Watch for signs alerting you to reduced speed limits ahead.

The Duncanville Police Department takes pride in working daily to keep Duncanville citizens safe, as well as everyone who travels through the city.