Duncanville ISD Returns To School Tomorrow


Duncanville ISD Returns To School 2/23

Duncanville Superintendent says the proactive work of maintenance and custodial departments prevented serious damage to Duncanville ISD buildings. With water conservation limits removed, students can return to campus tomorrow.

Duncanville ISD family,

After an extensive evaluation of our schools and other facilities, Duncanville ISD schools and offices are ready to reopen Monday, Feb. 22 and welcome students and staff.
Long before the snow and ice melted, the Maintenance and Custodial departments began to assess the impact to our facilities caused by winter weather dropping temperatures below freezing for multiple days. Kennemer Middle and Fairmeadows Elementary schools were two of the buildings that saw the most damage due to frozen pipes and required repairs this past week. In some instances, the crews’ proactive work identified issues before more damages occurred. Thanks to their work, buildings are safe and prepared to receive students tomorrow.

In addition, the Transportation Department has reviewed the bus fleet and is ready to pick students up and return them home at the end of the day. Nutrition Services teams are also prepared to serve meals to students.

Power has been restored to the majority of the state, making it possible for many to use the weekend to assess their own household needs. I know that some people are still exhausted after spending parts of the past week without power, food, water and more. By returning to school, it’s my hope that we are providing a support system for families and giving students the tools to face adversity.

We overcome obstacles together by taking care of our neighbor, providing a helping hand and showing a little kindness. I’ve seen examples of this all week and am proud to be a member of the Duncanville ISD family. #WeAreDville.

Dr. Marc Smith
Superintendent of Schools
Duncanville ISD

Water Resources For Duncanville Residents Without Water

Duncanville Water

Duncanville Parks and Recreation and Emergency Services will open the Duncanville Fieldhouse today from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM for those impacted by the winter storm still without water utilities. People can visit the Duncanville Fieldhouse at 1700 S. Main St., Duncanville, Texas 75137 during these hours to use showers and collect water. Please, bring your own water containers and toiletries.

A plan is in place for use of the showers. Shower suites will be assigned after check-in to families and individuals. Reservations are available by calling 972-331-8868.
Three water bibs will be made available outside the Duncanville Fieldhouse for drive-up water fills. Those who choose to use this option are asked to provide their own water containers.

Visitors are asked to follow the CDC’s mask and social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.