DSHS Shows Ellis County Has 219 New COVID-19 Cases

graph of Ellis County COVID-19 July 14

Ellis County COVID-19 Math Is a Mystery

Today, July 14, the DSHS dashboard shows Ellis County has a total of 1729 COVID-19 cases. Now, if you saw our report yesterday that’s an increase of 219 additional cases. However, DSHS also shows only 299 of those cases are active. If we look at the data on Worldometers, they show Ellis County has 125 new cases from yesterday. Both DSHS and Worldometers report one new death in Ellis County, bringing the county total to 21 deaths.

Recoveries in Ellis County as reported by DSHS are 1,191.

Breakdown of the Math:

1729 Total Cases – 1191 recoveries= 538

538 – 21 deaths= 517

299 Active cases

That leaves 218 that we don’t know the status of per the numbers reported.

Official Ellis County Report

Today’s deaths was a 72 year-old female resident of the City of Ennis. According to the case line list provided by Texas Health Trace (THT) for July 14th, there are 1,850 total cases of COVID-19 in Ellis County, including 1,239 recoveries with a remainder of 590 active cases. At this time, Ellis County has administered 15,695 COVID-19 tests according to the Texas Department of State Health Services Dashboard.

Note Judge Little says: “We want to remind all Ellis County citizens that it is up to each resident to take necessary measures to protect themselves, others, and the community. The Office of Emergency Management and local health professionals ask residents to wear masks, practice physical distancing, sanitize regularly, and stay home unless it is necessary. Together, we will win the fight against COVID-19 in Ellis County.”

COVID-19 In Texas By The Numbers

screenshot of COVID-19 trends in Texas July 14

In the state of Texas, there’s a record number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized, with 10,569. That’s an increase of 1,283 more than a week ago. Also, today the state reported 10,745 new COVID-19 cases. The seven day average for the statewide positivity rate is 16.9%.