DeSoto Police Respond To ‘Multiple Fights In Progress’ At High School Today

DeSoto ISD building
DeSoto ISD building Photo by Kristin Barclay

DeSoto Police Charge a Student With ‘Interference With Public Duties’

This afternoon DeSoto residents took to social media to ask if ‘anyone knows why DeSoto High School is on lockdown?’ Parents reported their students texting them they were on a lockdown. However, according to a statement from administration to parents “an official lockdown was not instituted.” They continued to say “This afternoon due to an isolated, disruptive incident in the DeSoto High School cafeteria, campus administrators and school resource officers temporarily paused movement throughout the campus just prior to the final class period of the day.” They compared it to a shelter-in-place which was implemented as a precautionary measure.

In an updated email DeSoto ISD noted: Students remained safe and supervised at all times. No injuries were sustained to staff or students during this occurrence.

DeSoto Police Department issued this statement, after we requested additional information:

“DeSoto Police (DPD) were called to DeSoto High School shortly after 12:30 PM Friday after being notified about a fight in progress.

School Resource Officers and other DeSoto Police Officers responded to observe multiple fights in progress. Several juvenile students were briefly detained and released to their parents on the scene. One 17-year-old student, who was allegedly interfering with police operations, was pepper-sprayed by officers. He was treated at the scene by paramedics, formally charged with interference with public duties, and then transported to the DeSoto Regional Jail.

Police remained on the scene until classes ended at 3:20 pm to deter additional conflicts and to ensure the safety of Desoto ISD students and staff.”

Several students took to social media warning parents to check on their kids and describing the scene as “chaotic”. DeSoto Police did not report any injuries to officers or students, other than the student that was pepper sprayed.

March Incidents Resulted In Changes

Last month there were multiple incidents described as fights at DeSoto High School, when the District made the decision to cancel classes the Friday before spring break and have a reset. Following the return of students DeSoto ISD made the following changes:

Starting Monday, March 21, 2022, every school will have a duty schedule that will place staff in all hallways and common areas of each building to monitor traffic and activity.

2. Student Support Services will now be housed at secondary campuses to provide deeper, more responsive campus support.

3. Students will NOT be permitted to use cell phones, earbuds and headphones during the school day. All students have received a district-issued device to support access to tech and internet for curricular purposes. Upon the district’s return from Spring Break, violations related to cell phones and headphones will be implemented according to Board Policy and the Student Code of Conduct which may include but are not limited to confiscation of devices and accessories; fines for retrieval of devices and accessories; and suspension.