DeSoto Place 7 Candidate Letitia Hughes

Letitia Hughes

DeSoto City Council Place 7 Q&A With Letitia Hughes

DESOTO – The DeSoto Special Election on February 2, 2021 has three candidates vying for the Place 7 seat. The seat was made vacant when Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore III announced his bid to run for the mayoral seat in the Special Election to replace mayor Curtistene McCowan.

Letitia Hughes, John William McCalib and Calvin Rutledge Graham are all vying for the Place 7 seat.

Early voting begins January 20 to January 29, 2021.

Focus Daily News ask Hughes these questions about her run for the seat. Watch in the week ahead for Graham and McCalib’s answers as well.

Focus Daily News: What changes are you looking forward to if you win the election for this city council seat?

Letitia Hughes: I am looking forward to working with the other council members in bringing new businesses and developments to Desoto.


FDN: What will be the challenges to overcome in the new term?

LH: I believe the new challenges will be to reform the system that has kept us from getting over the hurdle of economic growth.


FDN: With COVID still present how do you think the City is best served moving forward and is there anything else you believe should be implemented?

LH: I believe that as a whole, our city has done quite well with trying to prevent and maintain the spread of COVID by of course wearing our masks, social distancing and complying with the instruction of those who are in charge with making the demands of cooperation when it comes to COVID.


FDN: Is there another City in the DFW area you feel is doing things well regarding COVID and learning and moving forward with the current pandemic?

LH: From what I know when it comes to other cities, I believe that they are all cooperating with safety practices because COVID has touched so many people in one way or another and it is making even the doubters now want to cooperate with the safety measures that have been commanded. I believe that considering there was no preparation for COVID, city leaders are doing an outstanding job with promoting safety.


FDN: What other boards have you served on in this city and/or other cities?

LH: I have not served on any other boards.


FDN: How long have you lived in this city?

LH: I have lived in the city almost 20 years.


FDN: Anything else you want to say?

LH: I am excited and up for the challenge of helping to bring the changes to the city that our citizens desire!