DeSoto Mayor McCowan Makes Stunning Announcement at Council Meeting

Headshot DeSoto Mayor McCowan

McCowan Shares She’s Fighting Lung Cancer

DeSoto Mayor Curtistene McCowan began Tuesday evening’s city council meeting saying people know she is a fighter and she has something she must disclose. About a week and a half ago, she didn’t feel right and thought it was her asthma. She went to her doctor and he sent her to the emergency room, which first diagnosed her with pneumonia.

More tests were done and it turned out she has cancer in her right lung. Doctors worked with her to agree on a course of action to fight the disease.

“There will be days that will seem normal and days that I will need to lay low,” she said. There will be times like tonight when I can conduct the meeting and other times when our very capable Mayor Pro Tem Kenzie Moore will need to take over.”

Using a baseball analogy, she said she may not be able to go all nine innings every time, but she has an excellent person in the bullpen in Mayor Pro-Tem Kenzie Moore to take over for her and finish the game.

She requested prayer in that she knows she is a child of the most high God and turns now to her heavenly father. “When we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish. When we pray together we can move a mountain.”

DeSoto City Council members React

Regarding Mayor McCowan Councilmember Candice Quarles said she supports her and thanks her for her energy, service and to say thank you.

Dinah Marks said sometimes it is more important to do rather than say and that she believes in stretching out to God. She thanked the Mayor for her leadership over the years. “We are here for you if there is anything you need.”

Nicole Raphiel continued , “You know we are here for you … I appreciate how resilient you are. I see God’s hand in your life, Mayor McCowan.”

Andre Byrd said “I am praying for you … Not only am I praying for you but for your husband and family as well.”

Kenneth Govan of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce said “You have always been a steadfast and strong leader. You don’t have to announce your faith in God. It is evident to all.”

Curt Krohn, Chairman of the DeSoto Economic Development Corp related to Mayor McCowan, “You have energy like anyone else in the world does not have. You are loved. DeSoto is better because you are at the helm.”

Kisha Morris Perkins said “You are my second mom. I love you. We love you. The city loves you.”

“We Will Always Be There For You”

City Manager Brandon Wright expressed himself saying “We look forward to the opportunity to lift you up. I can’t stay up as late as you do. If you back it up (your energy level) you will go down to our level. We love you and look for this chance to support you.”

Kenzie Moore related, “For me it’s such a great pleasure to know you are here because you always respond. God will walk with all of us and hold our hand.” He said the comfort of knowing she was always available when he and the city needs her, has always been of the utmost comfort.

City Attorney Joe Gorfida told Mayor McCowan to “lean on him and everyone in the city in any time of need. We will always be there for you.”