DeSoto ISD School Board Meeting TEA-Mandated Public Hearing On Corrective Action


Monday September 28-DeSoto ISD Board Meeting 6:30 pm

DESOTO– The DeSoto ISD Board of Trustees and administration will conduct the district’s monthly board meeting as well as a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, September 28, 2020.

The public hearing will be held during the regular meeting and will communicate the Board and administration’s Corrective Action Plans as required following the published findings of the district’s recent TEA investigation.

The Corrective Actions Plans outline the future actions of both the Board and the Administration in relationship to the work of the district’s improvement.

After hearing the corrective action plans, the public will be allowed to share comments regarding the plans; however, those interested must pre-registered to speak prior to the start of the meeting via the link below:

Link to pre-register to speak during the public hearing on the CAP plans.

This link will close two hours prior to the board meeting at which time those who have pre-registered to speak will receive meeting access information.

All other respondents may submit comments to be read at the close of the public hearing.

Please note, participants must limit comments to the three-minute time frame allotted per speaker during this Corrective Action Plans Public Hearing.

All speakers are also required to limit comments to the topic of the TEA-Mandated Corrective Action Plans.

Rules of Engagement

When addressing the audience during the public forum, speakers’ commentary must adhere to the following:

Everyone must model courtesy and respect. Speakers shall not employ profane or threatening language nor shall they engage in any personal attacks.

The public has the right to make critical remarks. However, the expectation is that the message delivered by the speaker is done so in a constructive manner with a collaborative purpose. Speakers are expected to respect both the decorum of the public meeting, the authority of the Board and the district administration.

Comments and requests that include derogatory or inflammatory statements and personal attacks on individuals should be avoided.

Members of the public do not have the right to disrupt the meeting. Speakers whose behavior disrupts the conduct of the public meeting or threatens public safety are subject to immediate removal from the meeting.

Speakers shall not use their commentary in an attempt to interrogate board members nor to force the body or any attendees to engage in debate. Any questions presented will be answered in an FAQ following the meeting.

Speakers’ comments must be focused on the posted agenda item only: The TEA-Mandated Corrective Action Plans to address the issues in the TEA Findings.

Corrective Action Plans Summary

The Corrective Actions Plans share insight into the actions and constraints of the Board and the Administration in relation to the work of the district as governing bodies The discussion points will center around what is working and not working, objectives and progress measures, and monitoring.

Speakers may not address complaints nor past nor present issues dealing with personnel experiences relative to specific individuals currently or formerly employed by the DeSoto ISD or who currently or formerly served on the DeSoto ISD Board of Trustees. The District has a separate protocol for such matters.

Speakers who do not adhere to the above criteria for allowable topics for public commentary will be issued a warning and a reminder to remain on topic. Those who choose to violate these rules of engagement will be muted and subject to removal from the public hearing.

If a person wishes to speak but did not pre-register, he or she may submit a comment here to be read aloud at the conclusion of the live-streamed public hearing prior to its adjournment.

Please note that only those who desire to speak publicly about the Corrective Action Plans need to complete the pre-registration form.

All others may view the School Board Meeting via

For more information, please visit the district’s website or direct an email to