Celebrate Mini Martini Week in Dallas

Celebrate Mini Martini Week
Mini Martinis at Georgie's Dallas

Celebrate Mini Martini Week in Dallas with Kástra Elión, the original premium sipping vodka distilled from Greek olives, Oct. 11-16. For the inaugural Mini-Martini week, Kastra Elion has enlisted some of the most popular bars and restaurants in Dallas for a special promotion during October, since it is National Vodka Month.

The venues that are offering special twists and discounted prices on the Mini Martini, made with Kastra Elion Vodka, include Georgie’s, Felix Culpa, Apothecary, Princi Italia, and Ziziki’s.

Mini Martini Week

The Mini-Martini experience involves downloading a Mini Martini passport from the Kastra Elion website. Present the passport to the participating venue, have your passport stamped, and experience each location’s curated Mini Martini for only $5. Without the passport, consumers can enjoy these offerings for $8 each.

Georgie by Curtis Stone is a restaurant rooted in tradition – a nod to times past when concepts like community, honoring the land and celebrating artisans, according to their website. It’s also a popular destination restaurant for Dallas foodies as well as a place to be seen by the in-crowd, and is located at 4514 Travis Street in Dallas. This was the first stop on the Mini Martini tour for our Focus Daily News martini sampling team (Karel Anne and Mary). For more information about Georgie’s Dallas, please call 469-466-8263.

Our martini sampling team members could only make it to three of the featured bar/restaurants. They went on a Monday and found both Apothecary and Felix Culpa closed.

Prince Italia

Their second stop was at Prince Italia, at 5959 Royal Lane in Preston Royal Village. Prince Italia is known for their fresh, made-from-scratch Italian food as well as their hospitality. For information, please call 214-739-5959.

Ziziki’s Greek restaurant is located at 11661 Preston Road in North Dallas, and is a neighborhood favorite. They’ve been dishing up delicious Greek food and hand-crafted signature cocktails since 1999. For information, please call 469-232-9922.

Kastra Elion

The name Kástra Elión comes from the Greek words for castle (kastro) and olives (elión, derivative of eliás). The ancient Nafpaktos castle stands as guardian to the region’s hills and olive groves and is the brand’s ancestral home, protecting the rich heritage of the city below. The olives, or elión, are an enduring symbol of peace and abundance, and are deeply intertwined with Greek culture and iconic mythology. Kástra Elión, a family-owned brand, is the original premium sipping vodka distilled with Greek olives.

For more info, and to download your passport for discounted mini martinis during the promotional event, visit kastraelion.com.

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