Cedar Hill City Council Sees Increasing Number Of Development Proposals


Cedar Hill City Council Approves Hooters Permit

CEDAR HILL—The Cedar Hill City Council approved a Conditional Use Permit for a Hooters restaurant on Uptown Blvd. near Wal-Mart at their January 10 meeting. They also approved the site plan for a dental office at the Shenandoah neighborhood entrance. Council also heard and tabled, a zoning change requested for a mixed use development southeast of the FM 1382 and Straus Road intersection.

During public hearings, no one spoke against the restaurant, but five residents urged the Council not to approve the proposed 300-unit mixed use development. Objections suggested it would overload traffic in the area, reduce the green space for the community and attract renters who do not have an investment in the community.

The mixed use development discussion is scheduled to continue at the Jan. 24 City Council meeting.

To help stimulate home building in Cedar Hill, an economic development agreement was approved with First Texas Homes. The agreement will also result in increased tax revenue as well as an economic development grant to the company.

A related development action was the approval of an agreement between the City and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to work together to increase awareness of and interest in Cedar Hill State Park and surrounding areas.

Moreover, the Cedar Hill City Council chose to seek funds to add additional sidewalks for safer pedestrian access to area schools. Cedar Hill will follow a plan recommended by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Cedar Hill Residents, Employees Honored

First grader Taylor Jackson received a S.T.A.R. student award. Taylor is an outstanding first grader at CHISD’s Collegiate Prep Elementary.

Public Works Secretary Ellie Jeanotte was honored by City Manager Greg Porter as the 2016 Employee of the Year. Jeanotte was praised for her outstanding customer service and willingness to assist in many ways in the city.

Porter also presented the Leadership Excellence Award to Toni Simmons. The Library Director was honored for her outstanding leadership. The cultural programs, personal development classes and outstanding services have been heralded by community members.

A group of employees were recognized for completing the City U program last year. These rising stars visited and learned the functions of virtually every department during their curriculum. Hands on experience and speaking with employees doing the work with residents gave them insight. They learned how other departments work and how they cooperate to provide outstanding customer service to our residents.

City Council went into closed session with the city attorney regarding health and safety /management issues at High Pointe Village Apartments. No results were announced.