Barricaded DeSoto Woman Exits Home Safely Wednesday afternoon  

City of DeSoto sign
City of DeSoto sign

DeSoto Police Used Tear Gas To Peacefully End Domestic Issue

A 66-year-old female in DeSoto barricaded herself inside a home in the 900 block of Aspen Drive Wednesday morning. DeSoto Police Department Public Information Officer Cpl. Pete Schulte said they could not release the woman’s name.

Stemming from a family domestic issue according to Schulte, the barricaded woman had a protective order not to be at the home. It was still unclear if she had lived at the home at one time or has a relationship with family members living there. The woman arrived at the home around 10 a.m. where soon after she barricaded herself inside and DeSoto Police were called.

DeSoto Police used loudspeakers to repeatedly tell the lady to come out with her hands in the air. They said they would not leave until she came out of the house. After some time it was determined the woman would not leave the home and the region’s SWAT team, the Southwest Regional Team, was activated.

A flash bang method to lure her out of the home was used, but not successfully. Later a tear gas agent was utilized in a successful attempt to have her exit the home approximately 30 minutes afterwards.

Isolated Incident, No Threat To Community

According to Schulte this was not the first time officers had been called to a situation at this address. This in turn allowed the police to safely determine the best alternative to convince the women to exit the home.

Rumors had also implied the woman inside the home had a gun. Schulte said later he had heard the woman had a gun, but no gun was ever located.

By 1:30 p.m. the woman had been taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for a mental health check.

“This was an isolated incident,” Schulte concluded. “There were no injuries and this was not a threat to the community. We are glad this incident ended safely.”