“A Call to Spy” Honors WWII Female Spies

A Call to spy honors WWII female spies
SMT Pictures

If you’re a sucker for WWII stories like I am, you’ll love this film about three extraordinary and brave women who worked as British spies. After Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered the training of women for covert operations, some talented female agents helped undermine the Nazi regime in France. “A Call to Spy” is based on the stories of three of these real-life heroines.

Stana Katic (Castle) plays Vera Atkins, the British agent charged with recruiting and training the female spies to be sent behind enemy lines to transmit information back to headquarters. Katic effortlessly radiates charm and elegance, keeping her cool even when she’s thrown into extremely stressful situations and concerns that her Jewish heritage may be discovered. She more than holds her own in the company of influential men as one of the only high-placed women operatives in the British secret service.

“A Call to Spy”

“A Call to Spy” focuses on the training and war-time exploits of two very different recruits. Sarah Megan Thomas (who also wrote the script and produced the film) stars as Virginia Hall. She’s an American who has been turned down for diplomatic service because she has a wooden leg. She jumps at the chance to spy for Britain’s Special Operations Executive Branch, and is absolutely fearless about facing danger.

The other female recruit, Noor Inavat Khan (Radhika Apte) is a shy pacifist, a Muslim woman who has never dreamed of wartime exploits. She is recruited for her expertise in operating the telegraphy machines used by the agents to transmit information back to headquarters.

The primary mission of the female operatives in France was to recruit others to help in the fight against the fascist regime. Both women experienced a number of hair-raising escapes, betrayals, and injuries during their missions. The film is a lovely tribute to the heroics of these real-life heroines.

Also featured in the cast are Linus Roache as Maurice Buckmaster, head of the British SOE, and Rossif Sutherland, who plays Dr. Chevain. “A Call to Spy” is directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher. The English drama/history film has a limited theatrical release Oct. 2, and is also available for streaming on that date.

Written and produced by Sarah Megan Thomas and SMT Pictures, “A Call to Spy” is rated PG-13 for some strong violence, disturbing images, smoking, and language. The film runs two hours and three minutes.