2022 Voter Registration Cards For Ellis County Are In The Mail

sample voter registration card

Ellis County Early Voting Begins February 14, 2022

The redistricting process from the 2020 Census data has been completed. Ellis County, Texas active registered voters will be receiving their new 2022 voter registration cards in the mail within the next few days.

The certificates will be valid from 01/01/2022 thru 12/31/2023. Once received, please look over your personal information and the districts assigned to your residence address. Noteworthy changes through redistricting: 1.) voter precinct numbers have changed from a 3 digit number to a 4 digit number 2.) Ellis County has gained an additional Senate District 3.) Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, and Constable District boundary lines have changed. The county has gained 10 additional voting precincts (now 59) and has two Texas Senate Districts, 2 and 22, that now split Ellis County.

Ellis County election precinct map

Voters who are placed on the “Suspense List” are subject to having their voter registration canceled if their records are not updated within two Federal General Elections. Suspense voters will not receive a new voter registration card until their information is updated to active status.

If you receive a voter registration card of someone that no longer resides at your address, please write that information on the back of card, sign it and return it by mail to Ellis County Elections office.

This helps keep the voter registration rolls up to date.

A current Texas registered voter can now change their address online if they move within their county or from/to another county in Texas. https://txapps.texas.gov/tolapp/sos/SOSACManager

Please call our office to check your status or if you have additional questions at (972) 825-5195 ext. 2.

This information is attached and posted on their website. http://tx-elliscounty3.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/7835/2022-Voter-Registration-Card-Information?bidId=