Wildcat Management Roars into Mansfield with $150 Million Mixed-Use Development: Breaking Ground in 2024

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UPDATE APRIL 17, 2023: The first step toward bringing a new development to the City of Mansfield would include the submission of plans by the developer which, according to officials from the City of Mansfield, has not happened yet.

“While neither a development plan nor a partnership between the City and developer have been proposed” Smolinski said, “representatives of Wildcat Management have expressed their enthusiasm regarding the potential development of Castle Ranch.”

Smolinski indicated that any proposed development or partnership between the developer and city would have to be presented to – and approved by – the City Council in a public meeting.

DALLAS, Texas – April 13, 2023: There’s a new cat in town in Mansfield, Texas. Known for its thought-forward prowess, Wildcat Management, owned by Tanya Ragan, is expanding its pawprint into further reaches of North Texas. The project, called Castle Ranch, is expected to break ground in 2024. This $150 million mixed-use development will include multifamily, townhomes, retail, and live/work space, all activated by pocket parks, walkable streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian paths.


Castle Ranch will create an entirely new district, built from the ground up, that will connect to the extensive city trail system, an adjacent dog park, and a city park that has been in the works since the approval by city taxpayers in November 2022. The project constitutes one of the largest contiguous parcels within Mansfield and is within walking distance to downtown, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. Geographically, Castle Ranch boasts beautiful, sweeping landscapes and green spaces, yet is only minutes away from major highways such as I-20 and Hwy 287.


Says Ragan: “I am excited about the opportunity to apply Wildcat’s years of community building and urban renewal experience in downtown Dallas toward Mansfield’s visionary efforts. Our public-private partnership will yield benefits to generations of Mansfield’s citizens.”


Working with local officials and area stakeholders, Wildcat Management aims to enhance the western side of town and bring value to Mansfield as a whole. Wildcat Management will maintain many interests in downtown Dallas, including housing its corporate headquarters. As Wildcat Management expands its development reach, more announcements will be made soon.


About Wildcat Management

Wildcat Management is a woman-owned real estate investment, development, and management company. Wildcat takes on mission-driven projects and strategic public-private sector partnerships in the hopes of sparking economic turnaround and community growth. Wildcat Management continues to drive positive transformation for local communities across the country.


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