Top-ranked Cedar Hill High School Senior Grateful for Early College Academy Experience

Kennedy Board
Photo credit CHISD

(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) Kennedy Board is the top-ranked scholar in the Cedar Hill High School Class of 2023, and she credits her experience at the campus’ Early College Academy (ECA) with her success.

“A lot of what drove me toward being the top ranked scholar at Cedar Hill High School were the variety of classes in ECA,” Board said. “I chose the classes, and I enjoyed taking them. If I’d gone somewhere else, I wouldn’t have had as much push and drive to be the top scholar.”

Board wanted to college-level courses, while being part of the Cedar Hill Highsteppers Dance Team and enjoying the traditional high school experience.

“It was also about being able to go to pep rallies and feel the energy of Friday Night Lights,” said Board, who is the Historian for the Senior Class and a member of National Honor Society. “A lot of experiences, I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.”

Board was in the middle of her freshman year when the COVID-19 Pandemic started. She said it was a challenge, but the experience made her stronger.

“My freshman year teachers molded me and shaped me the most,” Board said. “I wouldn’t be where I am without them. It felt more like family than teachers.”

Cedar Hill ISD Instructional Coordinator Michael Clear, a former CHHS Social Studies Teacher, said Board exhibited exceptional academic skills.

“Kennedy Board was one of the most exceptional scholars that I have ever encountered,” Clear said. “She’s extremely hard working and was always very serious about her studies. She was not OK with just having good grades – she wanted to master the content. She is a natural leader and has excellent interpersonal skills.”

As a sophomore, Board was part of the Highsteppers Team that won a National Championship, and she also performed at the UIL Class 6A Division II Football Championship Game at AT&T Stadium when CHHS qualified for the game.

Through ECA, Board has the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree when she graduates on June 3.

“ECA builds structure and discipline,” Board said.

She’s already been accepted into the University of Texas At Austin where she plans to study Business.

Her career goal is becoming an Impact Investment Analyst and eventually attending law school to become a Labor Rights Attorney.

“I want to help businesses with causes that they deem important,” Board said. “As an attorney, I want to help businesses work better with their employees.”