Sum Dang Good Chinese – Food Better Than Name!

Sum Dang Good Chinese

While the new Chinese restaurant in Trinity Groves received some bad press for its name, “Sum Dang Good Chinese” still serves really good food. Maybe the name is a little on the silly side, but it only speaks the truth. With experienced Chef Weigou Cai in charge of the kitchen, we would expect nothing else.

My husband and I had been looking forward to dining at Phil Romano’s newest restaurant ever since we heard SDGC was taking over the renovated Chino Chinatown space. We’ve had great experiences at Romano’s other Trinity Grove restaurants, especially AvoEatery and Saint Rocco’s. Unfortunately, the new restaurant opened right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restaurant opened as scheduled April 1, but for take-out or delivery service only with all indoor dining at Dallas restaurants banned.

While we could no longer dine inside, the new restaurant’s online photos show an authentic, welcoming design with an open kitchen. Something to look forward to once this quarantine lifts. In the meantime, we were eager to try their take-out service. This proved to be an ideal way to lighten a somewhat dreary and cloudy day in April.

Prompt Curbside Service

After calling our order in and reserving a pickup time, we were very pleased with the smiling server who promptly brought our order down to the car. She placed our carefully boxed food in the car’s trunk before waving us goodbye from six feet away. The aromas of the food were so tantalizing, my husband may have been driving a little faster than necessary to get home quickly.

For an appetizer, my rib-loving husband ordered Wuxi Spare Ribs (pork short ribs with traditional Chinese sweet black bean sauce) for $12. His entrée was Beef and Broccoli (beef loin strips, broccoli, white mushrooms, carrots, and brown sauce) priced at $15. There was way more food than expected in each dish, enough for several meals.

Sum Dang Good Chinese
Sum Dang Good Takeout

Instead of an appetizer, I ordered Seafood Soup ($15), which was chock full of large shrimp, scallops, fish, crab meat, green peas, carrots, and egg. But I had no idea the soup would be enough for a meal on its own. This flavorful Seafood Soup has moved to the top of my list of all-time best soups.

For my entree, I chose Mu Shu Pork (pork loin, cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, black mushrooms, black bean sauce), priced at $13. Again, more than enough for two people to share. I had to force myself to stop eating this delicious dish, saving the rest for later.

Orders were accompanied by white sticky rice and brown rice, plus plentiful packets of soy sauce, duck sauce, Plum sauce, Chinese mustard, chopsticks and fortune cookies. There was enough food to easily feed four people, or in our case, two people several meals.

Sum Dang Good Menu

We’re ready to order some of the other dishes on the extensive menu, but it will be hard to find anything I like better than these first choices. Their prices are slightly higher than many Chinese restaurants, but their servings are so much larger, well worth the price.

Sum Dang Good Chinese

Trinity Groves

As advertised, Sum Dang Good Chinese is all that and more, featuring authentic, modern Chinese dishes. They open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday, call 469-638-8930 for pickup orders only. The restaurant’s address is 3011 Gulden Lane in Trinity Groves. Delivery is available through Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber, and other services. Visit for menus and other information.