Six Local Red Oak Businesses Robbed Monday Evening

broken glass
Photo credit Daisy James

Tis The Season For Theft

While big and small businesses are struggling to survive through 2020, thieves aren’t showing any empathy. Last night six local businesses in Red Oak experienced a break in: Juniors BBQ, Kwik Kar, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Petals Plus, Crystal Cleaners and First Aid Wireless.

The Red Oak Chamber of Commerce shared the bad news and is encouraging residents to go out and support these businesses today. “As many of you are aware, last night several of our Red Oak Businesses were broken into. This has already been a difficult year for many businesses, and this only compounds the issue. Our businesses need your support now more than ever to recover from this crisis. GO OUT AND SUPPORT THESE BUSINESSES:
Junior’s Barbeque
Petals Plus-Red Oak, TX
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Kwik Kar
First Aid Wireless
Crystal Cleaners

Eat a meal, buy flowers for a loved one, fix your car…whatever it takes! Let’s take care of our own during this difficult time. If you would like to make a donation, let us know.”

With the businesses located on Ovilla Rd., the busiest road in Red Oak, many are wondering how did the break-ins happen and go unnoticed?


Call Red Oak Police Department With Information

Daisy James owner of First Aid Wireless posted, “Red Oak had a series of break ins tonight with unfortunately one of the locations being my shop. They hit 3+ more locations that we know of. Luckily they just made away with the register that had no more than $30 and the damage to the door.

Thank you to Red Oak PD for responding so quickly, it took me 10 mins to get there and they were already on scene.

If anyone recognizes any of the 2 men please call it in! Any information on a white Impala would also be helpful! Unfortunately it seems that I was the only business with cameras and alarm in place.. Small businesses are struggling right now and this is the last thing we needed..

Ms. James also shared a video of the thieves inside her store which you can watch here. Anyone with information is asked to call the Red Oak Police Department (972) 617-7632.