Shots Fired In Cedar Hill Wednesday Night, PD Arrests Three In Connection

guns in boxes
Guns confiscated by Cedar Hill Police Department

Multiple Rifles and Handguns Confiscated After Cedar Hill Incident

It’s scary anytime you hear gunshots from your home. It’s especially frightening when you hear what sounds like 15 gunshots that sound like they’re right outside your door. Last night, Cedar Hill residents were worried, scared and more when they took to social media to ask “does anyone know what’s going on? We heard multiple gunshots.”

Ring Neighbors posted this, “Police removing 4 vehicle occupants at gun point in old downtown Cedar Hill just moments ago after residents reported hearing 15 to 20 gunshots earlier. This is on Houston street in between Cooper & Texas streets adjacent from the towers.”

Around 10 am this morning the Cedar Hill Police Department posted this update: “Last night around 10:30pm we received the first of many calls regarding shots fired. There were multiple calls across the city over the next hour. One caller described the vehicle and stated shots were being fired in the air from the vehicle. Around Midnight, our officers located a vehicle matching the description and conducted a high risk traffic stop. Multiple rifles and handguns were located in the vehicle and three individuals were arrested. NONE of the individuals involved live in Cedar Hill. There is no report of anyone being injured or property damage. Thank you for all of you that reported this incident and gave information to assist us in the identification and arrest of these individuals.”

One resident commented, “I feel safer after reading this. Thank you officers! They came to the wrong city!” Another wrote, “Thank you CHPD for the risks you take to keep us safe. We sincerely appreciate you.” This comment was from a resident who witnessed the traffic stop, “This is a HUGE win for the community and CHPD and that traffic stop literally happened right in front of our place. It was super tense & hats off to our great officers risking their safety to keep us safe.”