ROISD Launches Anti-Bullying Program for Bullying Prevention Month

ROISD campus posters

(RED OAK, TX) — Red Oak ISD is launching an aggressive anti-bullying campaign aimed at both preventing and reporting bullying behavior. The See Something, Say Something program gives students reminders to be kind and the tools to report inappropriate behavior through STOPit. The program has an app that can be downloaded or reports can be made online.

“Making sure our students and staff are in a safe environment for teaching and learning is crucial,” stated Superintendent Brenda Sanford.

“We want to return to a campus and district culture of family and being part of the same team. That means students and staff supporting each other, being kind to everyone, and empowering students, staff, parents, and the community to report bullying, and suspicious or dangerous activity.”

See Something, Say Something is a simple reminder that anyone can report an unsafe environment or situation to a trusted adult, or anonymously on the app or internet.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power. Bullying can be verbal, social, or physical and is repeated over time.

Single incidents or mutual combat are typically not bullying but can be if other activities have happened online or in person. Remember, you don’t have to be face-to-face to be a bully; many bullying acts occur on the internet (cyberbullying).

Bullying, which impacts one out of every five students, can impact a student’s education, physical and emotional health, as well as their safety.

“Together, we can encourage our students to rise above inappropriate behavior by providing coping skills for disputes, addressing the emotional well-being of students (bullies often have their own struggles), and offering a safe place for all students and staff,” added Sanford.

Unity Day October 19

“We are also asking the community to take action at school, at home, or in your neighborhood to show that you care about kids being safe at school, online, and in the community. Together, we can create communities that are kinder, more inclusive, and accepting of all students and adults.”

The campaign will run from Wednesday, Sept. 28 through Wednesday, October 19 when all staff, students, and the community are encouraged to wear orange for Unity Day. The timeframe also includes World Mental Health Day on Monday, October 10 when individuals are encouraged to wear green.

Campaign communication includes posters at all campuses, STOPit QR codes for secondary students and magnets for elementary students and their families, plus announcement PSAs at school and emailed home to parents and students, videos, website updates, and more.

The campaign will also use the hashtag #HawksKeephawksSafe to remind individuals that everyone is responsible for protecting each other.