ROISD Encourages Community To Help Feed Students On Random Acts of Kindness Day

random acts of kindness graphic

(RED OAK, TX) — During COVID, the federal meal program (breakfast and lunch) was universally free for all students. However, that ended this year and Red Oak ISD has some families struggling financially. ROISD continues to provide nutritious meals for all students but some families have overdrafts on their account and they could really use your help. ROISD has set up accounts to accept donations to offset overdraft student nutrition accounts – you can donate to a specific campus or Red Oak ISD in general.

Red Oak is a wonderful community – individuals are willing to help their neighbors and provide for our children. For Random Act of Kindness Day this Friday, February 17, the District is launching a campaign and sending information out to parents, businesses, organizations, etc. to help offset overcharges.

Donations can be made through SchoolCash – an online cashless store and donation system. Families who need assistance must meet the criteria and opt-in to the Angel Fund program to receive financial assistance. All donors can opt to receive a tax donation form from ROISD when they check out in SchoolCash.

Directions to donate to the ROISD Angel Fund:

1. Visit the District SchoolCash website at
2. Click ‘ITEMS’ at the top right then select ‘Make a Donation’
3. Under Gift Information, pick your school or use Red Oak ISD and the Initiative – Angel Fund: Lunch Debt Program, plus the amount you want to donate.
4. Select ‘Add To Cart’ at the bottom of the page
5. If everything is OK, then click on ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the Cart page
6. If you already have an account, Sign In OR Register OR Continue as guest
7. Add your credit/debit card information and click ‘Continue’
8. Add your credit/debit card billing address and click ‘Continue’
9. Print your receipt with the charitable contribution information or add your email to receive a receipt for tax purposes

Donations will be applied to families who meet the criteria and complete the opt-in form in order of completion. For families with multiple eligible students, we will apply to one student at a time. If you wish to donate to an individual student, please contact the family directly. Donations will only pay a portion of the overdraft. Families must commit to setting up payment options for the balance.

Let’s make this year’s Random Act of Kindness Day impactful to our community.
Red Oak ISD appreciates your consideration of assisting our ROISD students and families.