ROISD Board Approves Raises for 2021-2022 School Year

Red Oak ISD School Board
Photo credit Red Oak ISD

Starting Salary for ROISD Teachers $52,500

(RED OAK, TX) — The Red Oak ISD Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of increasing salaries for teachers and staff, the most influential element of student learning. The Board has been transparent in their desire to express to employees that they are appreciated and valued.

Superintendent Brenda Sanford and the administrative staff presented the 2021-22 proposed salary schedule recommendation for approval at the May 10th Board Meeting. The approval will increase the teacher salary schedule by $1,500 per step and the new starting salary for Red Oak ISD teachers will be $52,500. All other employees will receive a 3% increase based on the midpoint of their pay grade range.

Current teachers will move to the next step and receive both the $1,500 increase and the step increase. Teachers above the Salary Schedule (over 30 years experience) will receive a $600 longevity increase.

“This marks the third year of substantial raises for Red Oak ISD teachers and staff,” stated Board President John Anderson. “I applaud the Board for their vision and the administration for this proposal. We must invest in our most valuable asset toward providing the best education for every Red Oak ISD student.”

ROISD Moved Into Competitive Hiring For All teachers With Pay Increases

Red Oak ISD provided $3,000 teacher raises each of the past two years (for those on the salary schedule) in addition to 2-3% raises for other staffing categories. Starting teacher pay has increased from $45,000 in 2018-19 to $52,500 this coming year – an increase of $7,500! All salary schedule steps through Step 30 have also subsequently increased and the district has moved into competitive hiring for all teachers.

In addition to the teacher salary schedule being increased, the pay plans for other employee groups have been reviewed to ensure a competitive pay range. This has resulted in some of the pay ranges being updated. Some employee groups have also been reviewed to ensure they are in the proper pay range.

“The Board knows that our teachers and staff deserve competitive pay and the administration has worked hard to continue to explore savings, staffing ratios, and revenue sources to offer the third major raise in three years. I thank the Board for their goal to reward our educators and staff across the district,” said Red Oak ISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford.

The approved salary structure increases will be effective for the 2021-22 school year.