Red Oak ISD Announces 2022-2023 Teacher Salary Increases

Red Oak ISD salary graphic

ROISD Works To Stay Competitive With Teacher Salary Increases

Red Oak- Teachers across the country are quitting and retiring at an alarming rate, making it even more challenging for schools to acquire and retain experienced teachers. While salary is important, teachers say their are numerous factors they consider when applying for a new job or considering a career change.

In an effort to stay competitive in the marketplace, and especially Ellis County, Red Oak ISD announced a new teacher pay structure today.

Staff on the teacher pay scale will receive a $1,000 increase at all steps, plus the step increase for their year of service. Teachers above the pay scale (over 30 years) will receive a $600 increase.

The new teacher structure will place Red Oak ISD as the top compensation district for the current teacher pay scale in North Ellis County (Waxahachie, Midlothian, Ennis, Palmer, Ferris, and Red Oak) for teachers with eight or more years of experience, and second for teachers new to teaching through seven years of experience.

ROISD Teacher salary graphic

All staff on auxiliary or paraprofessional pay grades will receive a 6% increase of their pay grade midpoint. Current administrative/professional staff will receive a 3% of midpoint raise.

“The Board knows that our teachers and staff deserve competitive pay and benefits and the administration has worked hard to continue to explore savings, staffing ratios, and revenue sources to offer another raise for our staff. I thank the Board for their goal to reward our educators and staff across the district,” said Red Oak ISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford.

“We know it is vitally important to have our students arrive at school safely, enjoy a delicious breakfast, learn in a clean environment, and have assistance for learning throughout the day,” stated Superintendent Sanford. “Our bus drivers, monitors, paraprofessionals, student nutrition staff, maintenance crew, and custodians work extremely hard every day to make our students’ day the best it can be!”

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