Q&A Kim Rimmer Cedar Hill ISD School Board Candidate Place 5

Kim Rimmer headshot
Kim Rimmer headshot

Why are you running for school board, and what are your qualifications?

As a candidate for the CHISD School Board, I am committed to providing our premier city with a premier school district. I am running because I want to be part of crafting long-term solutions to solve our District’s needs and employing creative strategies to make education a priority in a safe learning environment. I have served the City of Cedar Hill for the last 10 years on the Neighborhood Advisory Board and most recently on the City Comprehensive Plan Committee.

My experience serving on the City of Cedar Hill’s Neighborhood Advisory Board has given me valuable insights into the workings of local government, has allowed me to foster relationships with key community leaders and demonstrates my commitment to long-term service of our community. Additionally, my experience working collaboratively on the Cedar Hill Comprehensive Plan Committee has improved my ability to engage in productive conversations and reach an agreement on important matters. These skills and connections can be directly applied to the school board setting and will be a significant asset to me as a school board member.

Have you received any donations or endorsements from any group(s)? If so, which groups?

My financial report has been submitted to the CHISD Board Secretary and may be obtained
through an Open Records Request

Is there a specific issue that motivates you to serve on the school board? If so, please identify the issue and your concerns.

The specific issues motivating me to serve include the lack of discipline in the schools creating unfavorable environments for learning; the concern of escalating taxes especially in the economic downturn of our nation; and finally, the decline in student academic achievement ratings.

In what school district or community activities/organizations have you been involved?

I have served the City of Cedar Hill on the Neighborhood Advisory Board for the last 10 years and more recently, I served on the City Comprehensive Plan Committee. I am also currently involved in my neighborhood Crime Watch.

What attributes and behaviors are essential for school board members?

I believe some attributes and behaviors essential for school board members are:

1. Open heart; willing to serve the community and fellow board members without having a
personal agenda and without expecting anything in return.

2. Open mind; willing to actively listen to alternative ideas from the community and fellow
board members.

3. Open arms; willing to embrace creative and innovative ideas to solve tough issues and
having the courage to make difficult decisions with respect and empathy.

What is the public relations role of the board?

The public relations role of the board is to promote healthy, transparent relationships between the District and the community.

What is the best way to address differences of opinion on the board or between the board and the administration?

The best way to address differences of opinion is to acknowledge an individual’s opinion; to
remove personal agendas; and to utilize reasoning skills to make sound decisions that benefit all for whom CHISD serves.

In your view, what has the district done well over last five years? What has the district done poorly that you would change?

In my view, CHISD’s Collegiate Program has done well over the last five years, especially
during the COVID season when the Collegiate students continued to perform well with regards to Student Achievement.

What should your school district do to better prepare students as citizens?

We need to teach the fundamental principles of this nation as penned by many of our founding fathers using a balanced, non-politicized program of study, and instill a sense of unity and national identity in our young people, that although not perfect, America belongs to all Americans and is worth protecting, fighting for, and celebrating.

What do you see as the major issue(s) facing your school district? Public education?

Across the board, a major issue is the lawlessness that rules our schools. As a State and at the local level, we need to enforce discipline and uphold the standard by which our students will conduct themselves. Children need discipline whether they know it or not. Discipline promotes a feeling of value and safety, and when students (and teachers) feel safe and valued, they thrive.

What is your view of school choice?

I support parents’ fundamental right to choose the best learning environment for their children. The business of school districts is to educate the next generation and our school district must make education our priority. If we provide an excellent education, not only will students be prepared for whatever pathway they choose, but this will entice families back to our school district.

What are the district’s greatest capital needs right now? How do you think those needs should be addressed?

Currently, CHISD’s greatest capital needs are the repair and maintenance of our school buildings along with heating and air conditioning issues. We can address these issues by enforcing warranties on roofs and equipment; developing a reasonable and affordable bond and ensuring bond funds are allocated only to those items outlined specifically in the bond.

As a board member, where would you look to make budget cuts?

As a board member, I would want to examine every item in the budget and prioritize budget items that promote safety and academic performance. Unnecessary expenses, such as outdated technology and redundant administrative positions, should be trimmed to direct more resources toward students and teachers.

What changes should be made on the state and local level regarding public education?

What specific steps would you take as a school board member to improve transparency and make school district information more widely available?

Specific steps to improve transparency and make school district information available is to be out in the community on a consistent basis whether it is a function at the local school, town halls in the neighborhoods, or one-on-one connections with community members. Improving the community and school district relationship is vital to building a premier school district. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” This should be our mission statement – to show how much we care, first.

Is there anything you’d like to add?