Ochre House Theatre Opens “Cursed!” July 22

Ochre House Theater Opens Cursed

They’re back! Dallas’ beloved and critically-applauded Ochre House Theatre returns to live productions after a year of presenting only virtual shows during the pandemic. “Cursed!” is their season opening musical, and is written and directed by Artistic Director Matthew Posey in a collaboration with Dallas Flamenco Festival. The performances are scheduled July 22-Aug. 1 on the outdoor stage at Deep Ellum Art Company.

An art gallery and live music venue, the Deep Ellum Art Company at 3200 Commerce Street offers a 15,000 feet Art Yard, the biggest backyard in the area. They also feature food trucks and a large drink selection. Founders John and Kari LaRue created the Art Co. to preserve the artistic vibe that makes Deep Ellum unique.

Performances of “Cursed” are Thursday through Sunday at 8 p.m., July 22-Aug. 1. Tickets are priced at $15, and reservations are available online at ochrehousetheater.org. Discounts for seniors, students and first responders are available. For more information, call 214-826-6273.

“Cursed!” the Musical

“Cursed” is written and directed by Artistic Director Matthew Posey. It’s a “down and dirty” musical about Enoch, a Biblical prophet, and The Watchers, who were angels sent by God to teach mankind the ways of life. The action has been moved to the 1930s and set in a small Shanty Town called Babylon, located off Cannery Row. Press materials inform that “many local, as well as international, artists and musicians will perform and send you down the dark alleys and dives of Babylon.”

The musical’s cast includes Posey as the Prophet Enoch, with Quinn Coffman as Pip. Elizabeth Evans is Jinny Gin, Dante Martinez is Worzi, and Kevin Grammer is Methusela. Shahada Crane is Naamah/Birdie, Carla Parker plays Missy Pennyshine, and Cameron McCloud is Amenadiel. Isaac Davis plays Jabreel, Antonio Arrebola is Renardo, and Delilah Buitron-Arrebola is Valentina.

Musicians include José Cortés Fernández (Cantaor), and Calvin Hazen, Guitarist. Cameron McCloud and Isaac Davies are vocalists. The Band (The Grays) is comprised of Kwinton Gray on keyboard, KJ Gray on bass/guitar, Kierra Gray vocalist/guitar, and Jackie Whitmill Jr. on drums.

Production crew for “Cursed” includes Liz Carr, Stage Management; and Justin Locklear, Composer/ Music Director. Set design by Matthew Posey, and scenic art by Isaac Davies, with set construction by Posey and Davies. Costume designer is Samantha Corgan, with light design by Kevin Grammer, and graphics by Jeremy Word.

Carla Parker is the managing director of Ochre House Theatre, and Kevin Grammer is Operatin Manager. Justin Locklear is Artist-in-Residence and Matthey Posey is Artistic Director. For more information, please visit ochrehousetheater.org.