National Breast Cancer Coalition Nets $5000 On Team NR6 Efforts

Kristin Barclay and Jasmine Cosme proudly show their check for the National Breast Cancer Coalition with their Rogue and winning bouquets.

Team Rogue Warriors Win Rogue Trip Competition

Auto writer Wayne Gerdes nailed it when he predicted a win by Focus Daily News Digital Operations Director Kristin Barclay and Simply Real Moms owner Jasmine Cosme in the Nissan Rogue Trip event. Nissan Motor Company presented a check to Ms. Barclay and Ms. Risso made out to the National Breast Cancer Coalition immediately after the conclusion of the Rogue Trip.

Ten teams of national media competed for the award, crossing the finish line in New York City as competitors in the first-ever Nissan “Rogue Trip.” The teams, which started last Sunday from five departure cities were judged on a variety of factors not involving typical race incentives such as speed or fuel efficiency.

The Rogue Warriors team, featuring Ms. Barclay (InDeepH20, Focus Daily News, Test Drive Report and You Auto Know) and Jasmine Risso of Simply Real Moms won four of 15 total scavenger hunt-style categories and generated an outstanding amount of social media coverage during their journey.

Categories included the Bizarre Eats Challenge, Carpool Karaoke, Funniest Bumper Sticker, Most Unique Wildlife and Most Historical Monuments visited, among others. In honor of their victory, Nissan is donating $5,000 to Team Rogue Warriors’ designated charity – the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Memories With Meaning

“This means the world to me,” said Ms. Barclay, who lost her mother to breast cancer. “I’m so tired of people having to say, ‘I know somebody who has breast cancer.’ I want to help change that. I want to be part of the cure. To be a part of this Rogue Trip experience has been amazing – we feel like we made a difference.”

The teams each drove a 2017 Rogue SL model equipped with the new Rogue Platinum interior. The vehicles were stock except for special graphic wraps and dealer-installed Genuine Nissan Accessories.

National Breast Cancer Coalition
Photo by Nissan

Participants were also equipped with custom #RogueTrip backpacks filled with a variety of road trip necessities and iPad mini tablets loaded with the Nissan Rogue Trip app that each team utilized as mission control for the Rogue Trip. At day’s end, over 1,300 tweets were generated using the hashtag #RogueTrip.

“Congratulations to all the participants and especially to Team Rogue Warriors and their worthwhile charity,” said Christian Meunier, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations, Nissan North America and Chairman, Nissan Canada, Inc. “The Rogue Trip was a great way to see parts of the country that people usually speed by – and a great way to fully experience the many family-friendly features of the redesigned 2017 Rogue.”

National Breast Cancer Coalition Mission: End Breast Cancer By 2020

The mission of the National Breast Cancer Coalition is to end Breast Cancer. The Coalition has set a deadline to know how to end Breast Cancer by January 1, 2020. Breast Cancer deadline 2020 is focused on two major areas: how to prevent the development of Breast Cancer; and understanding the causes and prevention of metastasis in order to save lives. the National Breast Cancer Coalition links hundreds of organizations toward fulfillment of this goal.

NBCC is dedicated to ending this dreaded disease through the power of grassroots action and advocacy. They seek to increase funding for breast cancer research; monitor how those funds are spent; expand access to quality health care for all; and ensure that trained advocates influence all decision making that impacts breast cancer.

A Hard Road

Earning the money for their chosen charity took real dedication for the two “Rogue Warriors.” It was a long hard road for the two journalists as they drove from Nashville, Tennessee to New York City just in time for the kick off of the New York International Auto Show.

They departed Nashville on Sunday afternoon and drove until midnight to arrive at Asheville, North Carolina, where they spent the night. The next day was even more grueling as the ladies departed Ashville at 7 am for Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania.

After a number of exciting stops at nature parks and numerous other landmarks, they arrived at Bear Creek Mountain at about 1:00 am. Not to be outdone, they arose before dawn to complete the final leg of their journey.

This afternoon (Tuesday, April 11), Kristin exclaimed “OMG We Won! I’m in shock!” That may have surprised her, but it was not really a surprise for Wayne Gerdes, Dave Stall and myself. We had all been following her journey throughout the entire “Rogue Trip.”

Kristin Barclay (left) and Jasmine Cosme beam as the winners of the RogueTrip Challenge.

In addition to her duties at Focus Daily News, Kristin is a personality on Dave Stall’s “You Auto Know” radio program each week. She will be sure to discuss her epic adventure this Sunday at 2:15 pm Pacific (4:15 central and 5:15 eastern). The show is available online at, so everyone should be sure to tune in.

And of course, check out her personal website You won’t want to miss her own personal accounts of this fantastic adventure sponsored by Nissan.