Judge Little Elected to NCTCOG Executive Board

Ellis County Judge Todd Little
Ellis County Judge Todd Little Photo credit Ellis County

Ellis County, TX – County Judge Todd Little has been elected to serve on the Executive Board of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), a regional association of county and municipal governments that coordinates common needs and opportunities among North Texas communities. As an Executive Board director, Judge Little has voting authority over all policy, fiscal, and vision-setting activities undertaken by NCTCOG.

The NCTCOG Executive Board is elected annually by the General Assembly, which is composed of one representative from each participating government. The General Assembly establishes committees to address development, transportation, water conservation, emergency preparedness, criminal justice, workforce development, and other key policy areas affecting the North Texas region. Commissioner Lane Grayson already represents Ellis County on NCTCOG’s Regional Transportation Council and nominated Little to serve on the Executive Board. Little has served on the Workforce Development Board since 2019, but now that he is moving up to the Executive Board, he will have influence over the direction of all NCTCOG committees.

“Ellis County is in a unique position,” said Little. “People who work in the Metroplex are moving out here because they want what we have. We have space for families to build their dream house, raise their kids in a safe community, and live alongside like-minded individuals who believe that this is what this country is all about. Serving on the Executive Board will allow me to reflect these values in the way we develop the North Texas region. I am absolutely honored and excited to serve in this role.”

Little attended a new member orientation and his first Executive Board meeting on July 28th, where he was appointed to the Audit Committee. Moving forward, Little will continue to attend the board’s monthly meetings as an advocate of property rights, transportation enhancement, and emergency preparedness in North Texas.