Hot Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

LEGO Jeep Wrangler
Jeep® brand and LEGO Group reveal the Jeep Wrangler LEGO® Technic™ model

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While the man in your life often remarks “women are so hard to shop for”, well guys, we sometimes feel you’re the challenging ones on our list. I mean, yes you’re probably going to get new underwear because well…it fits well in your Christmas stocking. And spoiler alert, you might also get socks, a new shirt and a tool or two. However, if you need “better” gift ideas for the guy on your list, here are a few.

LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler Model

So, your guy is a Jeep owner and you might say he spends more time with his Jeep than with you…well, this might be the perfect gift for him. The new LEGO® Technic™ model, of the one-of-a-kind Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Designed to emulate the iconic look, design and legendary off-road capabilities of the actual vehicle, this first-ever LEGO model of a Jeep SUV – the LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler – is ready to face any epic adventure.

This might be a fun distraction during Zoom meetings, with the button-operated front steering system and powerful axle-articulation suspension, your guy can test out their model on obstacles everywhere.

The catch: it won’t be available from LEGO until January 1, but I’m sure you could find a creative way to let him know what’s coming. And, it could be a fun way to spend time together, as the 665 piece model could be a date night project. Retail: $49.99

Mopar Hoodie

Mopar sweatshirt

Sure, you’d love to get your guy that classic car he’s been stalking on eBay, but you haven’t won the lottery yet. Check out the website for some fun gifts, like this unique Plymouth Duster hoodie, an ugly Christmas sweater and more. Also, through December 31, shoppers get 15% off quality-tested, factory-backed Mopar accessories and performance parts through December 31, 2020-in case you want to get him something for his car or Jeep. Use promo code “JOLLY75” at checkout on for free holiday shipping on branded merchandise for orders more than $75 through December 31, 2020.

Tommy John Underwear

Yes, I know, underwear is kind of a lame Christmas gift, but also a “necessary evil”. I almost always put a few new pairs in my hubby’s stocking. Last year I ordered him a pair of Tommy John second skin boxer briefs after hearing all the buzz on their ads. You know what, they are my favorite pair in his drawer. Why? Because they are longer than his others, he says they’re comfortable and they don’t roll up. Plus, I love the fun designs. Yes, they can be pricey so look for the sales, promo codes, etc., and think about how much guys spend on our lingerie!

Solo Stove- Fire Pit, Camp Stove, Outdoor Grill

marshmallow roasting on fire pit
Roasting marshmallows on Solo Stove ranger fire pit with roasting sticks Photo by Kristin Barclay

You may have seen the videos or ads for Solo Stove fire pits, and thought about getting one for your house, but what about as a Christmas gift for him? Full disclosure: Solo Stove sent us a Ranger unit to test, so we’ve experienced one and we are convinced everyone needs a fire pit from Solo Stove.

What we love: It’s lightweight so we can use it on our back patio, move it to the cul de sac for a socially distanced happy hour, or put it in the car for a trip out of town. It’s easy to use. I’m not super experienced with building fires, but we literally added wood, lit the wood and we had a fire. Afterwards, there was very little to clean up. Oh, and if you already have a fire pit, I also recommend their Roasting Sticks. We purchased a set of roasting sticks so we could make s’mores, and they were perfect! Easy for the kids to use for hot dogs and marshmallows, and even easier to clean afterwards. We’ll be making lots of memories around our Ranger fire pit this winter.

And, we’re not the only ones that love Solo Stove products, the Solo Stove Grill is a 2020 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award winner in the home category.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Is your guy one of those men that seems to have everything? My husband falls into that category. If he wants something, he just buys it for himself. So, when I surprised him with an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for his birthday, I thought it might be an expensive paper weight. However, he uses his Kindle all the time-when taking a bath, on the airplane or waiting for the plane, in bed, at the doctor’s office, etc. Other than his Apple watch, this might be the gift he uses the most.

He loves that it saves his place and the built in adjustable light makes it easier to read. Being waterproof it’s perfect for using in the tub.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Everyone can use a nice pair of noise canceling headphones! We have a pair of Bose Noise Canceling headphones that I purchased over 10 years ago when I was traveling every week of the year, and a pair of Sony noise canceling I received as a gift last year. While the fit is a personal preference, I prefer the Sony headphones for comfort over the Bose. Music sounds great and I love that there’s a sensor in the earcups that detects whether or not I’m  wearing the headphones. So, if I take them off to hear the kids say “Mom” for the 100th time, it pauses my song/podcast when I remove the headphones from my head. And then they resume playback when I put them back on.

Best model in my opinion: Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones, or you can currently find the previous model Sony WH-1000XM3 at Costco for $229.99 through 12/24.

For The Gamer- Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch

With new consoles on the market if your guy is into gaming he may want the new PlayStation 5 console or the Xbox Series X. But to find one online or in a store you have to have luck on your side or be a magician. Even the Nintendo Switch which has been on the market for a while is hard to find this year. You may want to get them a new controller instead and wait until after the holidays when hopefully gaming consoles are easier to find.

Dart Board

Maybe the guy in your life has a man cave or game room, but does he have a nice dart board? We added a dart board to our game room last Christmas and with “staying home” the new normal, we’ve spent a lot of time playing darts. We bought the Arachnid Cricket Pro 670 Tournament, so we don’t have to worry about scoring…or sharp objects flying. Pro tip: buy extra tips, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you’ll go through them.



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