Great Wolf Lodge Lockdown On Christmas Left Families Scared, Confused

Grapevine PD outside Great Wolf Lodge
Photo courtesy Grapevine Police Department Facebook

Grapevine Police Department Responded to Report Of Active Threat

Last night guests at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine had a frightening experience when the resort went on lockdown. Guest, Cate Novak said on Facebook, “I wish they had alerted us of the threat before I saw it on Facebook! They didn’t notify us by speaker in our rooms for at least 20 min. Had no clue until I actually called the police department.” Other guests said they learned of the unfolding situation as people ran past them screaming there was an “active shooter.” While some received notification of an emergency, others were posting on Facebook asking for information, as they tried to comfort their children.

Meanwhile, some guests had left to grab dinner off-site and learned about the incident when they tried to return to their rooms. Those from out of the area decided to get another hotel room while Grapevine Police worked to clear the property.

Rus Chaney commented on DFW Scanner’s Facebook update:”Never thought the family surprise of a trip to great Wolf on Christmas would have us end the night huddled in the dark trying to keep the 5 yr old quiet while the teenagers are outside freaking out.”

Guests that had plans to check in this weekend or early next week reached out to Great Wolf to check on the status and received this response:

Great Wolf Response

Grapevine Police Department Update On Great Wolf Lodge Lockdown

Shortly after 9:00pm on Friday, December 25, 2020, Grapevine Police were alerted to a report of a man inside Great Wolf Lodge who made threatening comments and claims of a firearm. The man was no longer in sight when officers arrived but a witness provided a description of the man.

Within minutes of the initial report, several phone calls were made to 9-1-1 about a hotel guest being threatened or in danger. Additional officers were dispatched to the scene, including members of the Northeast Tarrant County SWAT Team, as well as officers from Bedford PD, Euless PD, Hurst PD, Irving PD and Southlake PD. Grapevine Fire medics also staged on the property as a precaution.

Officers began searching the property and securing areas, while also trying to make contact with the witnesses. The threats were traced to the 8th floor of the hotel, so officers evacuated the floor and conducted a room-by-room search of the guest quarters. Guests from the 8th floor were moved to a secure area inside the resort, while guests on other floors were asked to stay in their rooms.

Detectives interviewed the occupants of a room where one of the calls originated, and determined they were not in danger. No reports of injury were ever made, and no credible threats were found. Officers cleared all areas of concern at approximately 2:00am. Some officers remained on the property as an additional precaution.

Grapevine Police appreciates all of the employees and guests who reported information, and encourage anyone who sees something suspicious to report it immediately.

Initial Report of Active Threat

Initially Grapevine Police Department posted: Update: We were called around 9pm by witnesses who reported a man inside the hotel made threatening statements and claims of a firearm. No shots were fired and we have not located a suspect. We will search every room while guests wait in a secure area inside the resort. Our immediate concern is for the families and employees inside and we are doing everything we can to ensure they stay safe.

Our officers are at Great Wolf Lodge investigating an active threat call. There are no injuries, and we have NOT confirmed a threat at this time. Some rooms are on lockdown as we search the area. We know it is a stressful time for guests and employees who are there, but appreciate their cooperation and patience as we work to ensure they are safe. We will post updates as we learn more.